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There is a number of different ways in which a meme can be defined, however, the main one that many will associate with the word is via the images, videos and gifs that will depict a rather funny caption with an image that is then spread across the internet and shared by users who either relate to them or find them as humorous as they were hoped to have been when initially created. Indeed, the internet appears to know no bounds when it comes down to being creative and giving something the meme treatment, with the gambling industry just one of many business sectors to not have been made an exception or off-limits. These are just some of the very best:

South Park – “And it’s Gone”

Initially appearing in the “Margaritaville” episode, South Park perhaps inadvertently created one of the best memes that every individual who has gambled is likely to have experienced at some point. Whilst the clip is created when Randy complains to the bank manager and sees his money transferred to a portfolio with Stan, the manager repeats “Aaaand it’s gone!”. This phrase is relatable in a vast number of different scenarios, although those who gamble might just have experienced it a little more than others!

The Duck of Wisdom

There is no doubt that the picture of the duck has managed to become a viral image in regards to meme creation and it would seem there have been a few clever approaches to have been taken in regards to gambling. A “less is more” approach is typically followed with this particular image, which is why the “Gamble only with money you can afford to lose” is one of the best to have been created. They are wise words and something all gamblers will have heard at one point in their lives.

The Old Lady looking at a computer screen

We all know that technology has advanced incredibly over the years, which is why the lovely old lady looking at the screen and not being able to believe her eyes is a great one when it comes down to gambling. With the caption of “Life Changing Discovery: I Can Play Bingo Online???”, this meme is one of the funniest around because it just seems to be perfect for the situation!

Bender’s Blackjack obsession

Bender Bending Rodriguez (who is known to everyone who watches Futurama as Bender) is perhaps one of the owners of the very best gambling memes that are around. The robot has a love for the game of blackjack and after he is thrown out of Luna Park (which is on the moon), he exclaims: “Fine, I am going to go build my own theme park with blackjack and hookers!” This phrase, as Futurama fans will know, is mentioned a number of times throughout the show.

Alan Garner in The Hangover

Alan mumbles the famous one-liner “It’s not gambling if you are going to win” in the very first film of The Hangover franchise, which is something all gamblers will have felt at some point. With the addition of the scene where he is making math calculations, it provides the perfect meme for gambling.

Dumb & Dumber

Lloyd Christmas (Jim Carrey) & Harry Dunne (Jeff Daniels) may have been a couple of classic comedic characters for film lovers in the film “Dumb & Dumber”, however, they are perhaps the source of the world’s best gambling meme. One of the movie scenes helps to resonate immediately with everyone associated with the gambling sector, as their reactions in the car can be contrasting for both, gamblers and dealers. One snapshot will show the pair extremely happy and excited (i.e. gamblers heading to the casino/dealers leaving the casino), whilst the other depicts the pair being downbeat (gamblers leaving/dealers arriving).

Detective Pikachu

Perhaps a little more serious than some of the others, Detective Pikachu still has a scene in the film that can be easily relatable to gambling and one that can actually provide a reminder that things are not always so easy. When confronted for his obsessive coffee drinking, Pikachu exclaims: “I can stop whenever I want. These are just choices.” Unfortunately, there are many who will have said this statement in the past and will not have been able to stop.

James Bond – Casino Royale

This installment of the 007 agent features heavily in a casino and provides one of the epic casino scenes ever witnessed. Indeed, the villain of the movie – Le Chiffre – attempts to poison James Bond, but he is saved and returns to the table with an iconic line: “Oh, I am sorry. That last hand nearly killed me.”

“It’s not a problem if you’re awesome at it”

How I Met Your Mother is a classic TV sitcom and features the legendary character of Barney Simpson. Ted Mosby, his best friend, speaks to him about his gambling problem and that he should focus on it, although he quips back that “it isn’t a problem” because he is “awesome” at it.

Sister Act

Sister Act might not be a movie about gambling, however, there are memes to have been created featuring the cast because of “divine intervention” that many hope they get when they play a game. One of the humorous memes features the caption “The people who pray in a casino are way more serious than those who pray in church”.

Indeed, whilst it would be slightly hard to believe as being true, gamblers will know that they have prayed to those upstairs to give them a win when they need it most!

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