Updated: February 21, 2024

Do you still remember the game show “The Price Is Right”? Apart from the TV entertainment involving guessing the cost of various items, this also gave us the beloved game Plinko.

So, it's no surprise just how popular this game has become since it debuted in 1983. This popularity has expanded beyond the TV screen and into the world of online gaming.

Let us share the joy and thrill of Plinko with you. At Winz.io crypto casino, we have several Plinko titles in our collection, each of which brings one unique element to the table.

If you want to learn more about this game, keep reading. We'll cover everything that you need to know to be able to play this game.

What Is Plinko?

As mentioned, people first came to know and love Plinko thanks to a game show. The original version of it is a rectangular layout in a vertical orientation.

Then, you have these basic elements:

  • A ball which will be dropped from the top of the layout;
  • Pins with two spacing formats, each of which is applied for every other row;
  • Slots that determine how much you win.

However, the layout that you see with online Plinko Bitcoin betting is a little bit different. Modern online Plinko has a triangular layout so that there's only one potential point of entry for the ball.

However, the mechanics of the game are still the same, and we'll talk more about these later.

Top Plinko Crypto Game List

At Winz.io, players have access to an extensive selection of Plinko games, each provided by a diverse array of game developers, ensuring a variety of gameplay experiences.

The following providers are featured on the site:

Online gaming providers have created similar but distinct versions of Plinko. Learn a little bit more about them in the table below:

Plinko Rush

Plinko Rush is visually stunning, with the layout placed on the right side of the screen. With a max win of 888x, it shows you the odds of landing on a certain slot by hovering over it. The risk can be adjusted from low to high, while the lines can be changed from 8 to 16.

Plinko Rush from Betsoft at Winz.io

Plinko by Spribe

Perhaps the most popular version of Plinko out there, Spribe's interpretation of the game bares it down to its very foundations. There is no special design, but the number of pins can be changed to 12, 14, or 16. The risk level is represented by the colours green, yellow, and red. The max win is 555 times your bet amount.

Plinko from Spribe at Winz.io

Plinko by BGaming

Plinko by BGaming gives the highest max win of 1,000 times your bet amount. Like with Plinko Rush, you’ll also see your potential win amount by hovering over the slots. You can adjust the bet amount and risk level at the right of the screen, while the left side shows you detailed logs for every wager you make.

Plinko from BGaming at Winz.io

How to Play a Crypto Plinko Game

The rules of crypto Plinko are simple: drop the ball from the top of the layout. Where it lands determines what you'll get. Let's get into the specifics so you can fully understand the betting possibilities.

Setting Up the Risk and Conditions

Unlike with many casino games, the control you have over how much risk you're willing to bear goes beyond just setting the bet amount.

You are also free to:

  • Change the number of pins. All versions of Plinko have this feature. However, the number of pins that you can adjust it to depends on the specific game.
  • Adjust the risk level. This is always low, medium, and high but may be called different things in different games.

The higher the risk level and the number of pins, the bigger the payout becomes. So, if you're going for the highest possible win amount, go for the highest number of pins at high risk.

Placing Your Bet

Betting on this game is really just as easy as pressing the play button. You don't even have to wait for the ball to land on a slot before you make another bet! So, to make it easier to set wagers, we recommend using the autoplay features.

The actual features available will depend on the provider, but these are the two things that you may be able to do:

  • Set the number of rounds. Balls continuously drop from the top of the Plinko platform until the number of rounds you've set has been completed.
  • Set conditions. You may be able to set conditions that will increase or decrease the bet amount and stop the autoplay feature, among other things.

Are you ready to play? Select one of our Plinko titles. Make sure the Play for Real toggle is set to Yes, then choose the currency you want to use.

Play Plinko with Crypto at Winz.io

Get the best betting experience when playing Plinko when you use Winz.io crypto casino. Our user-friendly platform makes playing Plinko more fun than it ever has been! The games are slightly different from each other, which gives you more options when you play.

The Benefits of Using Cryptocurrency in Winz.io

Although fiat betting is always an option, we strongly recommend crypto betting so you can enjoy these benefits:

  • Improved security. Blockchain transactions are transparent, so there's little to no chance of fraud.
  • Better convenience. Whether you're in your country or abroad, crypto transactions will always be possible.
  • More innovative. The decentralized and anonymized nature of cryptocurrency means the transactions don't have to be reflected in your regular bank accounts.

Why Use BTC When You Bet on Plinko?

Privacy is a huge selling point for a lot of users because many are not comfortable sharing their financial information. BTC provides a safe way for these people to transfer funds!

Without all the intermediaries that may not be available 24/7, you can also enjoy faster transactions and potentially lower fees.

Plinko Game Crypto Bets: Improving Winning Odds

The only true way to improve your odds of winning is by understanding the odds. At this point, you already know that lower risk means lower highest potential payout.

So, it's really just about balancing the risk level with the number of pins:

  • For low-risk betting, go for the lowest number of pins and the lowest risk level.
  • For moderate-risk betting, set the number of pins higher. You can leave the risk level to low or increase it to medium.
  • For high-risk betting, set the risk to high. You can increase the number of pins as well or leave it as it is.

If you want to go with a mathematical approach, just hover over each slot to see the odds of the ball landing there. Using those numbers, assess whether you're willing to assume the risk of the wager.

Plinko Crypto Game: An Oldie But Goodie

If you're looking for crypto games, Plinko will surely be a good fit. The simple and fast-paced nature of the game appeals to players who like seeing the outcome of each bet immediately.

Plus, watching for those balls to fall to one of the slots is just so hypnotic! And with the great range of control that Plinko providers give over the ways you can bet, you'll be able to pre-emptively make objective decisions.

Whether you prefer betting with fiat or playing Bitcoin Plinko, the game is a must-try. Select any of the titles on this page and explore the features of this simple yet captivating game.