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RTP:  97.0 %

Updated: February 14, 2024

Are you familiar with the popular game show “The Price is Right”? A lot of us grew up watching it on the TV and perhaps were even guessing the price of various items with the rest of the family. If that’s something you enjoyed before, this experience is reincarnated through Plinko.

Just like Spribe’s 2019 release and the worldwide crash game hit Aviator, this is a simple and captivating game found in online casinos that is quickly becoming the latest sensation.

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Game Mechanics for the Plinko Casino Game

The Plinko board has a triangular layout with three rows of numbers at the bottom, coloured green, yellow, and red, respectively.

There are 15 slots at the bottom where the chips can land. Now, here’s how the game works: you drop a ball into the board by clicking the green, yellow, or red button. The slot where it lands will determine how much you win.

Plinko by Spribe Gameplay

There are other Plinko casino games available on the site; however, the rules are pretty much the same except for a few changes:

  • PlinkoX. With PlinkoX, you can’t adjust the risk. However, at 1,000x, the max win is higher, and you can speed up the gameplay using turbo mode.
  • Plinko XY. You can change the number of lines here from the ball drop to the slots anywhere from 8 to 16. The max win is 29x, and you can adjust the risk level.
  • Easter Plinko. Easter Plinko is exactly like Plinko XY but with an Easter theme.
  • Plinko by BGaming. This is also exactly like Plinko XY but with the visual effect that PlinkoX delivers.

How to Play the Plinko Gambling Game

Are you ready to try your luck with Plinko Spribe? The studio has made the betting process so easy!

Plinko by Spribe Bets and Game Rounds

If you’re on Plinko’s page on crypto casino, the first thing that you’ll want to do is make sure that the Play for Real toggle is set to “Yes.” You should also set your in-game currency. Ideally, you’ll set it to a currency that you already have in your casino account, so you don’t lose anything from the conversion.

After that, you’re ready to start:

  • Set your bet amount anywhere from $0.10 to $100;
  • If you want, you can also adjust the pins to 12, 14, or 16 to change the multipliers;
  • Click the green, yellow, or red button, depending on your risk appetite;
  • Green has a minimum multiplier of 0.4 and a maximum of 18;
  • Yellow has a minimum multiplier of 0.2 and a maximum of 55;
  • Red has a minimum multiplier of 0 and a maximum of 353;
  • Wait for the ball to land on a slot.

That’s it! The colour of your ball determines which multiplier your winnings will be based on.

Special Rules That Every Plinko Player Should Be Aware Of

  • 1. You can drop multiple balls at the same time. Just click the green, red, or yellow button as many times as you want.
  • 2. You can use autoplay. The easier way is to click the blue auto-play button. This lets you configure the bet colour, number of rounds, loss and win limit, and the conditions for retaining, increasing, or decreasing the bet amount.
  • You can access other Spribe games without going to a different page. Click “Plinko” on the upper left corner of the screen to choose other Spribe games like Dice and Mini Roulette.

Payouts and Odds for the Plinko Casino Game

At the bottom of the Plinko board, you’ll see three rows of numbers, with each row representing multipliers for a particular ball colour.

From top to bottom, they’re arranged as green, yellow, then red. For all colours, you’ll see that the multiplier is lowest in the middle and gets higher as you get to either end of the board.

The multiplier at the slot where your ball lands will determine your win.

The overall Plinko RTP is 97%. For this particular version, the odds of landing each slot are not published. We can safely assume you are less likely to land the higher multipliers than the lower ones.

To improve your odds of getting the bigger multipliers, set the pins to the lowest. However, this means sacrificing the multiplier that you can get.

Plinko Gambling Strategies and Tips

Like with any betting game, it is important to set limits when playing Plinko game. But this doesn’t mean just accepting that you won’t win.

You can maximise your overall payout by:

  • Diversifying your bets;
  • Setting your bet amount;
  • Stopping when you meet your winning goal.

We also encourage you to use the auto-play customization options available.

These allow you to automate what you want to do if you lose or win, thus automating the implementation of strategies like:

  • Martingale System, where you double your bet until you win;
  • Paroli, which is the opposite of Martingale, so you double your bet every time you win and restart at the initial betting amount when you lose;
  • D’Alembert, where you increase your bet amount by one unit and decrease by the same amount if you lose.

Why Should I Choose Crypto Casino to Play Spribe Plinko? crypto casino is a great option because it lets you load multiple currencies into your betting account. More importantly, as a crypto casino, it provides services to the underserved crypto betting community.

Using the platform, you can deposit using Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Tron, and more. For many games, you can even select Bitcoin as the in-game currency.

Regardless of your currency preference, delivers everything that you expect from a top-notch online casino:

  • Licence. They are licensed by Antillephone N.V. in Curacao.
  • Promotions. They offer massive bonuses in their promotions in both BTC and fiat currencies.
  • Easy Navigation. The site is designed to make it easy for you to find games you’re interested in. You can search by name, provider, accepted in-game currency, and collections.

Are you ready for your Plinko win? Find this game on the platform through these steps:

    1. Click the search bar.

    2. Find and click “Plinko” from the Collections filter.

    3. Click the one titled Plinko with “Spribe” immediately under the name. You may also choose any other variation of Plinko if you wish.

Now, you can play with real money and try to win big!

The Plinko Game Casino Sensation That You Can’t Afford to Miss!

Spribe definitely has another legendary casino game among its projects! The familiarity of the gameplay and the simplicity of the mechanics are already attracting a sizable audience.

We wouldn’t be surprised if it eventually became as popular as Spribe’s Aviator. It’s fun and simple, so you won’t have a hard time understanding the game and formulating your strategy.

Will you land the elusive 353x multiplier? Now’s your chance to try! Place bets on Plinko and enjoy the unique experience that only Plinko can deliver.