The best winning strategies to use for crash gambling

  • Updated July 10, 2023 12:44 PM

Crash games, commonly known as rocket or bust games, are highly popular in online gambling circles. Online casinos provide lots of options in the crash department and players seem to love it. How come? It’s fairly easy to understand – crash gambling games are simple yet provide a ton of fun.

But, there’s a catch. If you simply play the game for fun, no matter which version you’re playing, you’re likely to end up with a loss.

There’s a simple way to fix this, though, and it’s all about implementing the right crash gambling strategy to complement your gameplay.

So, if you’re wondering about the most profitable way to play Bitcoin casino crash games, we’re here to help you out!

How to Play Crash Online?

Let’s start off with the basics – crash games allow players to bet on the multiplier value of a graph that continues to grow until the point of a crash (hence the name crash).

The multiplier value is often depicted with an icon of a plane or a rocket (hence some casinos call these games rocket instead of crash) and the main goal is quite simple.

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Players have to cash out their bet while the multiplier is still active. If they do so, they’ll win back their money plus the multiplier they cashed out at. If, however, they fail to cash their bet out and the multiplier crashes, they lose.

As long as they keep their hands off the cash-out button, the higher their multiplier will be. But, if they fail to cash out before the crash, it’s a bust. The thrill of the chase factor is phenomenal with crash games, that’s for sure!

Two Main Types of Crash Gambling Strategies

When it comes to primary strategies for online gambling, only two of them are worth mentioning in terms of crash games:


Conservative crash gambling strategy doesn’t dwindle in the risky side of things. Instead, it aims to provide the gambler with consistent profit in the grand scheme of things. The exact opposite of this would be the aggressive strategy which is all about winning big right now.

Conservative strategies focus on smaller wagers and oftentimes support them with complex systems that keep tabs on the active bankroll more than anything else. If you’ve found yourself in these descriptions, you should check out the Paroli crash gambling strategy since it ought to fit your gameplay needs.


As the name suggests, aggressive gambling strategies involve much more risk than their conservative counterparts. The main goal of this strategy is to win as much as possible in just a couple of sessions.

In essence, this means the aggressive strategy is all about higher stakes and bigger multipliers. By bigger, we’re referring to 2x or even 3x, if we’re taking things to the very extreme.

Some players do their best in mixing the two and creating hybrid strategies that pan in different routes depending on scenarios like current tally, current losing/winning streak, and more. More on that can be found in the list of our crash gambling strategies right down below.

Crash Gambling Strategy

Now let’s have a serious talk about crash gambling strategies. Since we’re talking about a fairly simple game of multiplying the odds here, we have a couple of standard gambling strategies to show off. Let’s start with the one you’re probably already familiar with.


I’m sure you’ve heard about Martingale. It’s by far the most popular gambling strategy that’s been around pretty much since gambling itself breached into the mainstream. However, this strategy is quite aggressive and isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Martingale is aggressive. It requires you to multiply your stake upon each loss and reset it after a win. In theory, Martingale seems like the perfect system for RNG games like crash, right? Well, yes – in theory it does indeed seem that way.

However, in practice, Martingale’s aggressive approach often leads to gamblers being unable to meet the required exponential stakes following 6x or 7x losses. No matter how low you start out, if you reach double-digit consecutive losses, you’ll be in for a tough time.

So yeah, Martingale is a good gambling strategy, but it’s far from perfect. If you love fast-paced action and aggressive gameplay, Martingale is a great starting point. Just make sure you start low, otherwise, you might find yourself in a sticky situation relatively quickly.


Anti-Martingale, often called Reverse Martingale, is very similar to the real deal. However, instead of raising the stakes on losses, you’re raising them on wins. We know it sounds outright silly, but here’s the deal behind Anti-Martingale:

The biggest problem with Martingale is when you encounter a massive losing streak. Martingale seems ideal until you experience ten crashes in a row and you’re forced to exponentially grow your stake with each one. With Anti-Martingale, you increase your stake every time you win, which is a completely different ballgame.

Anti-Martingale is a pretty good strategy for crash gamblers as it allows players to ride a massive wave. When combined with a cash-out system (f.e. 1.5 – 1.8 – 2.0), it can yield significant profits in the long run. Long story short, Anti-Martingale seems like a good option, especially for budget-conscious gamblers.

2x Crash Run

This strategy is as straightforward as they come. It requires you to set aside a certain budget and stick with it, just like every other crash gambling strategy on our list. This strat is based on catching 1.5x or 2x multipliers and never going higher than that.

If you go through a crash and lose, you’re supposed to double your next wage and then try to get in between 1.5x and 2x again. It seems simple on paper, but in reality, you’ll want to get as close to 2x as possible to make this strategy be worth your while.

The Paroli System

This crash gambling strategy is very similar to the anti-Martingale strat we discussed earlier. It’s also based on increasing bets after every win. However, instead of doubling them like you’d do with the Anti-Martingale system, you increase them by a fixed amount.

The Paroli system is basically a more conservative variation of the Anti-Martingale strategy. If your gameplay is leaning towards the conservative end of things, the Paroli system might be the perfect option for you.

Should You Play Crash Gambling Games Online?

If you’re in for a fun time, then these games are made for you. They are just so darn simple yet can provide entertainment for hours on end.

Even if you’re just playing casually, without any sort of strategy involved, you’ll have a ton of fun and potentially win something. If you’re in for the latter (profits), though, you’ll have to adopt a more strategic approach.

Here are four reasons behind the surging popularity of online crash games:

🔹 Simplicity: No matter which crash game you opt for, one thing is certain – it’s going to be simple. If you cash out before the crash you win. If you fail to cash out before the crash, you lose. That’s basically the epitome of simplicity, right there.

🔹 Availability: Crash gambling is a relatively new market that’s been experiencing rapid growth over the last few years. Nowadays, crash games are available on most online crypto casinos, so you shouldn’t have any issues finding a good place for playing crash.

🔹 Convenience: Not only are crash games widely available, they also offer a convenient way to kill time whenever you feel like it. Crash games require no prior knowledge and represent a great way to escape everyday monotony.

🔹 Thrilling Experience: There’s just something about watching those rockets rise to glory that makes people come back time and time again. The thrill of the chase factor of crash games is astonishing, to say the least.


Crash games offer one of the most thrilling online gambling experiences out there. The pure excitement you have when waiting for the perfect time to cash out, and the surge of adrenaline after cashing out right before the crash are simply unfathomable sensations for people who’ve never experienced them.

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But, if you’re just playing the game casually, chances are you won’t make any money with it. But, if you’re willing to learn about crash gambling strategies and include tactical elements in your gameplay, your chance of winning will be a lot bigger.

In short, there’s nothing bad about playing crash games for fun. That’s what they’re meant to do! But, if you’re searching for profits, you’ll have to take some time to explore the different tactical options you can use to your advantage. Success won’t come overnight, though.

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