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  • Updated July 12, 2023 8:24 AM

Launched in 2019, Spribe Gaming introduced a series of smart eGaming products catered to the new generation of gamblers – Millennials! This Estonia- and Ukraine-based developer offers more than regular casino games. Instead, it focuses on a particular demographic – the Millenials. As a result, all the games by Spribe catch the attention of younger players who seek groundbreaking gameplay that none of the old-school games can provide.

The titles of fresh and ingenious Spribe games go beyond the traditional. They come with attractive yet minimalistic designs that soothe the eye but keep you engaged throughout the whole gameplay.

Furthermore, Spribe games are all provably fair. The company uses cryptographic technology to secure all the games’ output. As a result, no third-party sides can alter the results of any game; a great time with no foul play is guaranteed! could not neglect the streamingly rising popularity of Spribe games and has enforced a whole bag of goodies to explore. If you are interested in how Spribe has adapted basic computer games into the gambling market, welcome to!

Spribe Aviator at

Aviator by Spribe

Spribe Aviator takes virtual gambling to a whole new level with its one-of-a-kind and innovative format. The game’s curve crash mechanic acquired instant popularity, especially for its credibility and simplicity.

The Aviator Spribe game has nothing to do with traditional slots – it has no paylines, reels, or symbols. Instead, the pretty simple concept of the game pictures an airplane flying up at a rising coefficient starting at 1x and growing to eternity. Actually, the game has quite solid winning potential. But to work it for you, you must manage to cash out before the plane flies away. Otherwise, you are going to lose your bet.

As you see, the gameplay is quite simple yet keeps the tension. On one side, you can cash out early, thus risking losing a huge potential award. On the other hand, you can keep the plane flying and risk not managing to cash out in time.

Aviator Features

This is a social multiplayer game. It means it is a community game with lots of one-of-a-kind features. So let’s sort them out:

➕ Live Bets: At the end of every round, you can see how many players have dropped into the game, how much they have wagered at what coefficients, and how big their winnings are. The bar is located on the left-hand of the screen.

➕ In-Game Chat: Being a social game, Aviator allows interaction with other players through the chat option. Look to the right, and you will see all the members participating in the game. Chat with them, enrich your jokes with emojis and GIF packs, make friends, and share the statistics of every round.

➕ Live Stats: Keeping track of all the wins showcased in the leaderboard, you will always be aware of the biggest wins and multipliers scored during any period.

Rain Promo: Spribe Aviator game makes it even more fun by adding a random number of free bets to the chat. Once you see them, click “claim” and grab them.

➕ Free Bets: Free bets can also be acquired through giveaways and promotions.

➕ Aviarace Tournaments: Aside from normal play, various tournaments are available at Aviator Spribe Gaming. By the end of the race, the best players get free bets, extra cash awards, and other prizes.

Aviator is definitely the game you shouldn’t omit playing at It has a unique approach, entertaining social elements, and engaging competition possibilities that all together promise unforgettable experiences. 

If you want to read the full guide on how to play Aviator, tap here.

Spribe Plinko at

Plinko by Spribe

Plinko Spribe is a simple game; the theme and essence were borrowed from a popular American TV show, “The Price Right.” It features an utterly basic concept. Upon the start of the game, players throw balls from the top of the gameboard and see which cells the ball falls into. Depending on it, the corresponding bet multiplier prize is awarded to the player. It can be as big as 555x the bet!

Gameplay and Features

The prototype of Plinko, the “Price Is Right” TV show, first appeared on American screens in 1983. Today, the online version of the game has almost the same concept, except for the different risk levels to be adjusted. Actually, you can set the number of pins you prefer the most from 12, 14, and 16 pins available. The more pins you choose, the bigger the wins, though the chances of getting them are lower.

On any Plinko gameboard, the higher multipliers are located at the edges, while the cells in the central part are lower than 1x. The Spribe Plinko game allows gamblers to choose various colored balls, each of which has an equivalent risk level. Every ball can fall into its respective cells. The green balls are the easiest to win since they have the lowest multipliers. Meanwhile, red balls, which ensure big wins are much harder to get.

The Plinko game by Spribe, unlike its counterpart by another developer, is more catered to beginners who want to gamble at a low minimum bet. You see, to start playing the game at, you can bet as little as $0.1 or an equivalent sum in another currency, while the maximum bets can be $100 per round.

Spribe has also incorporated the Autoplay function into the game, where players can set how many balls and colors should fall from the top of the gameboard. Especially for risk lovers, it’s also possible to opt for random colors. 

Provably Fair Plinko

Spribe introduces only provably fair games, and every round at Plinko can be checked for random and unbiased outcomes, too. To verify the fairness of this game manually, you can change your seed and copy a piece of hash code. This feature and the rather high 97% RTP ensure quite often returns.

Spribe Goal at

Goal by Spribe

Another simple but highly entertaining game of chance by Spribe eGaming software provider is Goal. Like this developer’s other products, Goal is inspired by a classic computer game. This time the source of the idea was Minesweeper. Launching the game at, you are to advance through the field of mines. The further you get, the bigger multipliers you will grab. The RTP is 97%. Spribe Goal is the perfect game for soccer fans, thanks to its arcade nature.


The game starts with a grid that has numerous rows and columns. Whether to choose small, medium or big field sizes is up to you. Every row in the field has one bomb hidden. Your purpose is to select a position on a row and place your ball on it. If you miss the bomb, you win and make progress, increasing your winning potential. You can stop the game anytime and take your winnings at the current multiplier. However, if you are a risk taker and want to increase the adrenaline you get from gambling, go further and try to hit the jackpot!

Like all other games by this provider, Goal Spribe is provably fair. The minimum bet per position is $0.1, and the maximum bet is $100. So you can raise your winning up to 9.03x the bet!

Special Features

Like in the Aviator game, the Goal Spribe game has special rounds to make it even more fun for gamblers. Let’s sort out what you can get here:

➕ Rain Promo: This special feature adds free bets into the chat randomly. Tap the “claim” button and claim them once you see them. This perk aims to increase the player’s time and chat interaction in the game.

➕ Free Bets: Free bets, distributed to players in random giveaways and promotions, are a great means of introducing the game to new players.

Mobile Gambling is a mobile-compatible casino. And Goal by Spribe, based on HTML5 and JS technologies, can run perfectly on your smartphone or tablet. Accordingly, if you appreciate the convenience of playing on the go and want to try something new out of the box, this fun is what you crave.

Spribe Mines at

Mines by Spribe

To take a breath from complex casino games requiring time to learn how to play, provides you with an amazingly simple but engaging game by Spribe Mines.

Despite its simplicity, the game looks rather creative. It features rather unusual gameplay thoroughly based on guessing. 

So you don’t have to learn any rules or strategies – this is a pure chance game with the potential to win big! Besides, it features a superbly high RTP rate – 97%! The volatility is low to medium. Try out provably fair Mines by Spribe at in various currencies, including crypto.

Gameplay: How to play Mines

The Mines Spribe casino game has almost identical gameplay to the retro Minesweeper video game. In fact, anyone can try it, even if it’s the first time they have launched an only casino. Start gambling by adjusting the betting range. The latter can be as small as $0.10 and as big as $300, making the game an ideal variant for both small-budget players and high-rollers.

The game screen is covered with 25 tiles arranged by five. All of them are covered, and you can’t know what’s behind them. Clicking the bet button, you can now click on the tiles. You will get an increased win if there’s a star behind it. Whether to cash out and stop the round or move forward in the hunt for a bigger multiplier is up to you.

However, if you are still determined to be risky, click on another tile, praying for a star to be revealed! If there’s a bomb or explosion, your bet is lost! Now the game starts anew. You can as well set the Autoplay to bet and pick up tiles automatically. The number of bombs on the field is adjustable, too. And yet, the more bombs you incorporate into the game, the bigger wins you will get.

Spribe Hilo at

Hilo by Spribe

Hilo Spribe game became instantly popular upon its release in 2021. Players especially appreciated its simple playing mechanics, while the extra attributes that Spribe incorporated into the game only made it more engaging.

Just like all other games by Spribe, you need good intuition to win at Hilo with absolutely no skills required. So, to benefit maximally in this game, you need to be good at guessing. And the wins can be really huge if you are particularly lucky. And it’s this possibility to generate huge winnings in a split second that makes Spribe Hilo a must-try!

Game Structure

The playground of Hilo holds all the critical information players should be aware of. Compared to the traditional Hilo card game, extra elements are highlighted. For example, if there is only one card displayed in the standard game, and you have to guess only it, in the provably fair version by Spribe, there are three cards to choose from which to predict.

The background of the Hilo game is dark yellow, which helps your eyes not get tired easily, thus enhancing the overall pleasing atmosphere. The betting sector is located on the right hand of the screen. Here you can place as many bets as you’d wish. To make it easier to select the bet, Hilo also offers several fixed bets – $1, $3, $5, and $10.

Spribe introduces some crucial information about the provably fair mechanics on the left top corner. The right side holds such options as animations, volume, free bets, provably fair, and game rules.

In terms of mechanics, like all other games by Spribe, the Hilo game is built with superb qualities. The volatility is high, which implies rare but big wins. With a high RTP rate of 97%, it becomes highly possible to benefit from the game!

Gameplay Explained

To start the game at, top up your account and place a bet on the game. Then, use the Bet button to trigger the game once you have made the wager. The left side of the screen is the main playing section, where the game bot deals with one face-up card and three upside-down cards. The deck remains upside down, too. The game delivers two extra buttons with three cards – low or same and high or same. Your objective is to guess whether the next card will be lower or higher in value than the face-up card. So, hit one of the two buttons and then choose one of the three face-down cards.

If your predictions are correct, you will win, and three additional cards will pop up to pass to the next round. The game will continue till you lose the round, thus losing the bet.

Mobile Hilo

Since Spribe has established the game’s mobile version, you will encounter the same high-quality level when playing the game on mobile site. The game’s playing interface and mechanics all feel the same.

Wrapping Up

Enjoy the 21-century Spribe Games at the finest at This casino game software provider is steadily branching out and spreading its influence to the online gambling world rapidly. Play the most amazing Aviator, Goal, Plinko, Mines, and Hilo games, and check this page for new Spribe game additions periodically.

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