How to play Aviator: full guide, tips and tricks

The Aviator by Spribe is a one-of-a-kind gambling concept that promises a new experience to those players who seek unmatched and exciting pastimes. Thanks to its general conception and type of gameplay, the Aviator can be considered a crash category game. The basic idea is to make bets before the airplane starts flying and stop them before it flies away. As long as the plane is flying, the multiplier is increasing. You must manage to cash out the money before it disappears.

Aviator was released on November 30, 2019. This game was actually ground-breaking since it didn’t look like any other casino game – neither slots nor card games. Furthermore, it doesn’t require special skills or experience since everything is based purely on your intuition of when to cash out. Therefore, if you don’t feel like spending time learning casino game rules or working out strategies to increase your winning chances, Aviator is the perfect game for you!

Play Avitor on with Bitcoin

The RTP of the Aviator is quite high – 97.0%, just as those of all other Spribe games. The bets range from as little as $0.10 to as much as $100. Such a broad diapason of a bet makes the game appropriate for players who prefer to stay on the safe side betting small and high rollers, who gamble with the concept of “Everything or Nothing.” Actually, the game volatility is medium.

Playing Aviator at, you get the opportunity to bet in fiat currencies and choose any of the available cryptocurrencies, including stablecoins. If you feel tempted to play Aviator for real money, we recommend looking through this review to understand all ins and outs of the game first. At the end of the article, you will also get some working tips and tricks on how to boost your gambling process and earn more cash.

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Aviator Game Algorithm

While the exact algorithm used by Spribe for this game is proprietary and not publicly available, we can provide some general information about how similar games might be implemented.

Generally speaking, games like Aviator rely on a combination of random number generation and predetermined odds to determine the outcome of each round. For example, the game might generate a random number between 0 and 1 and use that value to determine the plane’s altitude at each moment in the game. The game might also have predetermined odds for certain outcomes, such as crashing into an obstacle or successfully passing through a checkpoint.

The specific details of the algorithm used for Aviator by Spribe are likely more complex than this and may involve additional factors such as player skill or reaction time. However, without access to the game’s source code or technical documentation, it is impossible to provide a more detailed analysis.

Game Layout and Design

The theme of the Aviator game by Spribe is just what the title presumes – it’s about a plane in flight. The design looks simple and understandable. The background is black to make the important buttons well highlighted. On the top bar of the screen, you can get the round history of multipliers. Your current balance is showcased to the right of it.

In the central part, you can watch the airplane in a red line drawing ascending whilst increasing the multiplier. Below that zone, the bet section is located. In fact, you can place two bets at a time. The game has fixed bets for quicker betting – $1, $2, $5, and $10. However, use the – and + buttons to increase or decrease bets manually if you want to make a specific bet. 

On the left side of the screen, Spribe has settled a real-time list of the bets and cashouts of online bettors. In addition, you can switch between All bets, My Bets, and Top.

Provably Fair Aviator 

Aviator game provably fair settings


Like all games by Spribe, the Aviator is based on the Provably Fair technology. This means that all the draws are guaranteed fair, while no third-party apps can interfere with the game outcomes. If you still have doubts about this, you can check the fairness of top results by clicking on the “Check Fairness” button. In the opened window, you can see three pairs of players’ seeds, the server seed, the combined hash, and round results. The hashed version of all the rounds of server seed is publicly available.

How to Play Aviator

Even though Aviator delivers a different way of playing than slots or other casino games, it’s very easy to understand. The game requires absolutely no skills or knowledge, no planning or strategizing. You must manage to place the bet till the next round hasn’t started yet. For this, you overall have five seconds. You are expected to place two bets simultaneously, each with any value you wish. It’s important to be quick enough to put both bets before the airplane starts.

Aviator game limits

The moment the plane takes off, the coefficient starts rising. However, it can fly off unexpectedly at any moment. If you manage to cash out before it, you can end with quite a big win. Of course, the amount will depend on your bet and the multiplier when cashing out. And yet, if you fail to collect the funds before the plane disappears, you will most certainly lose the bet. Everything is that simple!

If you doubt you can be as quick as the airplane in the Aviator game, there is always a chance to activate the Autoplay function. Spribe offers two variants of the tool:

🔵 Automatic bets – the function restarts a bet of the same amount as the previous one.

Aviator game autoplay options

🔵 Automatic cashouts – The function automatically cashes the winnings once the coefficient at which you withdraw winnings and win the bet is achieved. The auto cashout function can be the best option for those punters who can’t decide when they should cash out.

You can also view bets other players have placed and their winnings in real time. Accessing the chat, you can also grab free bets occasionally dropped as incentives for the currently playing gamblers.

Why Does Aviator Keep Flying High?

After the release of the Aviator by Spribe Gaming, the world has become obsessed with it. Aviator has been acknowledged as one of the most played casino games worldwide thanks to the thrills it delivers with every round. However, it is nothing like ordinary casino games. Punters are already tired of the classic card games and the same sort of slots, no matter how superb graphics modern options may have. Aviator feels like a fresh breath.

Besides, when playing Aviator at, you can bet cryptocurrency, play on the desktop site or launch the game on your mobile device.

In-Game Special features

Aside from being a one-a-kind and easy-to-play casino game, Aviator stands out for its amazing in-game features. First of all, gone are the days when players were in silos. Instead, the Aviator encourages chatting during the game, making new friends, and sharing your experiences. In addition, the game has nothing to hide since the gameplay is 100% fair. Particularly, here are the specs making the game super social – just what Millenials are used to and love:

🔵 In-Game Chat: In the chat section, incorporated into the game, like-minded players can enjoy the thrill of the exciting gameplay and share their emotions. Players are welcome to exchange jokes, use emojis and GIFs to make their conversations even more fun, and make new friends in the immersive communication level that only Spribe provides.

Aviator game Live chat

🔵 Live Stats: If you are competitive at the bottom of your heart, which is a real gambler’s quality, you will like to know that the Aviator by Spribe allows checking the leaderboard to see your position in comparison with other players. You can also adjust the leaderboard results to deliver the stats daily, monthly, or all-time.

Aviator game Live stats

Furthermore, some features can boost the gameplay. Particularly:

🔵 Live Bets: If you wonder what bets other gamblers place on the same game or even round, a Live Bets section holds all this information.

🔵 Rain Promo: This special feature randomly adds free bets to the chat. Be there, grab them to boost your winning chances, play longer, and win bigger! Just hit “claim,” and the free bets will be yours with no wagering requirements, in contrast to the sky-high playthrough demands that slots demand.

Aviator Special Features

Aviator Tips and Tricks

Casino game tips and tricks you can find in packs on the net can never guarantee a win. Instead, they can make it easier to win and raise the level of excitement. As a result, using a crash gambling strategy you become better at the game, feel more confident, and manage your bankroll smarter.

As long as the matter concerns the Aviator by Spribe, there are no precise strategies to use. And yet, some tips and tricks described below will help you a lot. So follow them and enjoy Aviator even more:

✈️ Repetitive Losses and Wins: According to the statistics, a longer flight, accordingly, a bigger multiplier, is expected after a losing streak. For example, if the plane flew away with an x1.2 multiplayer several times, it is more likely to be followed by several good flights or even one impressively long one.

✈️ Other Players’ Behavior: Aviator is a multiplier game based on the RNG algorithm. There’s no hack whatsoever. And yet, players spending more time on the site playing the game may have recognized some specific patterns. If you see many players cashing out at once (their usernames will turn green), you needn’t think twice – just cash out, too.

✈️ High and Low Bets: Since the game allows placing two bets simultaneously, you should make the most out of it. How? Let us explain. Place one high bet and cash out it quickly, not to lose it and get some profit thanks to the bet size. Do the opposite with the second bet – place it big and leave it longer. If you lose this small bet, your loss won’t be big, but if you cash it out with a big multiplier, you can significantly benefit. 

Aviator game High and Low Bets

✈️ Practice in Demo: Demo games serve as a marketing tool. And yet, you can use demo Aviator for practicing. See how long the plane flies onscreen before it disappears. Play as much as you want before you are ready to pass to real money gaming.

Final Words About Aviator

Aviator is a perfect example of the new category of crash games. It offers a completely different gaming experience – it’s all about betting, waiting, and winnings or losing. Within its category, the game does everything perfectly. The plane takes off every few seconds allowing you to play multiple rounds in a short time. You can take risks, cool off if necessary, and then try again to recoup your losses.

Aviator is an innovative game, yet it’s also a social vision of gambling. And this is rare, yet. You should try the game with the multiplayer approach now at A fantastic gambling experience is ensured!


1️⃣ What do you need to know before you play Aviator?

In this crash game by Spribe, players bet on how high an airplane will fly before crashing. The higher the plane gets, the larger the multiplier and the greater the rewards. Players need to cash out before the plane disappears from view and the round is over. Otherwise, they will lose their bet.

2️⃣ How to win big in the Aviator game?

If you intend to win big in Aviator at, be sure to make use of double bets and features like Auto-Cashout and Auto-Bet. Thus, you can place two simultaneous bets, gamble on different multipliers, and manage your budget better. Such an approach will boost your chances of winning.

3️⃣ Where to play Aviator?

Aviator by Spribe is quite popular in the online gambling industry. But when it comes to the best place to play this game, there is no better casino than On the website, you can use both crypto and fiat currencies. All new players are guaranteed the Welcome Bonus. Besides, you can run the Aviator game on different mobile devices.

4️⃣ What are the wagering requirements for the Aviator game?

There are no wagering requirements for the crash game Aviator when you play at You can place bets from 0.10 to 100 credits, and there is no need to roll them over a certain number of times. Do not hesitate to register with the platform and try out the game right away!

5️⃣ Is it safe to play Aviator?

Yes. You may rest assured that Aviator is completely safe and legit as it employs the provably fair algorithm that lets you check the fairness of each round manually. It’s impossible to trick, hack, or somehow alter the game. Your data is fully secured. All the outcomes are completely random and can be checked for fairness by any player at any time.