Updated: March 14, 2024

What are crypto slots, what are the best crypto slots games, and how to get started? Let’s get right into it!

First things first – what are crypto slots? Believe it or not, crypto slots are essentially the same thing as regular slots. The only real difference is in the fact that these can be played with cryptocurrencies. Be it Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other popular digital asset, crypto slots will work fine with them.

  • Benefits of Crypto Slots +

    The introduction of crypto as the go-to payment method makes crypto slots more convenient and easier to use than conventional slots. Registration and depositing processes on crypto casinos take just a few minutes. Roughly 2 minutes is all it takes for you to start gambling on your favorite crypto slots.

    On conventional casinos, registration and the first deposit can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several days. Obviously, this greatly depends on your payment method of choice. The differences in convenience are massive, to say the least.

    Another important benefit of crypto slots is their security. Crypto transactions are extremely well protected. Banks and other parties don’t have access to your spending. In fact, no one can see when you’re depositing or how much you’re depositing. Crypto slots offer the utmost in both privacy and security.

  • Crypto Slot Games: Play with Winz.io +

    We already talked you through the key benefits of playing crypto slots instead of their conventional counterparts. But, now let’s talk about where you should play them. The most important factor when considering a casino is the licensing. Never settle for an unlicensed casino!

    Winz.io offers a licensed crypto gambling experience and features a plethora of BTC slots. Here are some of its key characteristics, just so you know what you’ll be dealing with should you decide to register for an account:

    Numerous Payment Methods

    Winz.io is a website focused on crypto slot games. That said, the primary set of payment methods used on this platform is cryptocurrencies. There’s an abundance of options, all of which greatly exceed the characteristics of conventional payment methods. All the most popular cryptos are available, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

    But, for folks who don’t want to use cryptocurrencies, there are a number of fiat-based payment methods too. These include Skrill, Neteller, AstroPayCard, Paysafecard, and many more. Of course, players always have the option to purchase more digital assets for playing the best crypto slots using the Changelly platform without ever leaving Winz.io.

    Superb Customer Support

    Another fantastic characteristic that separates Winz.io from the competition is its customer support. You likely won’t need it at all, because everything on the website is super simple and runs flawlessly. But, if you’re a beginner and you’re not sure how certain features work, Winz.io 24/7 customer support will help you resolve the issue in minutes.

    Trusted Brand

    Finally, you probably already know that Winz.io isn’t just another crypto casino site. We are a fully licensed gambling platform with a ton of satisfied customers. More precisely, Winz.io is a trusted brand featuring provably fair games and numerous other benefits that help boost customer satisfaction. You can’t go wrong by opting for Winz.io!

  • What are the Best Crypto Slots? +

    Now that you know what crypto slots are and what makes them better than conventional slots, let’s check out the best specimens you can try out at Winz.io right now:

    Gates of Olympus

    First up, one of the most popular crypto slots out there – Gates of Olympus. Made by Pragmatic Play, this slot has taken the crypto-gambling world by storm. It offers a superb return-to-player percentage of 96.50%, has impressive graphics, and a satisfying gameplay that you won’t mind playing for hours and hours on end.

    Gates of Olympus Game from Pragmatic Play

    We’re looking at a 6x5 grid here, with symbols that can pay anywhere on the screen. Another important feature is random multipliers that can play up to 500x and increase even more in free spin. The maximum win is a 5000x bet, which is great for a high-volatility slot like Gates of Olympus.

    Sugar Rush

    Another Pragmatic Play masterpiece – Sugar Rush. It also pays up to 5000x bet amount but has widely different features than the aforementioned Gates of Olympus. The aesthetic of this game is totally different. The same goes for core gameplay mechanics.

    Sugar Rush Game from Pragmatic Play

    Sugar Rush features same-cell explosions that can increase multipliers all the way up to x128. It even gives players to buy free spins to get a taste of the real fun. Mind you, though, this is a 7x7 slot, meaning a lot of action will be happening on the screen round in and round out. The cluster system can take some time to get used to, but once you do, you’ll be left craving for more.

    Winz to the Moon

    Yep, this is one of just a few special branded crypto slots. That’s right – Winz to the Moon is a branded slot that boasts a lot of virtues that set it above the rest of the pack. For instance, it has an RTP of 97% and yields up to 27,000x initial bet.

    Winz to the Moon Game from BGaming

    Moreover, Winz to the Moon from BGaming has all the basics too. We are talking about free spins, automatic spins, and multipliers to keep you playing for hours on end. The graphics and animations look great and feel buttery smooth. No matter how experienced of a gambler you are, Winz to the Moon BTC slot will provide you with a ton of fun!

    Sweet Bonanza

    Sweet Bonanza is yet another fine Bitcoin slot developed by Pragmatic Play. It offers 21,100x bet maximum wins, which is miles higher than any of the aforementioned slots. That’s because random multipliers can increase up to 100x in free spins… and yes, of course, you can buy the feature in the top left corner.

    Sweet Bonanza Game from Pragmatic Play

    We’re looking at a 6x5 slot here. The aesthetic is similar to Sugar Rush. The same goes for the theme. However, Sweet Bonanza isn’t nearly as volatile as Sugar Rush, though it still has excellent RTP (96.48%). All in all, if you’re into the Candy Crush aesthetic and you’re looking for slots of crypto gameplay, Sweet Bonanza and Sugar Rush both represent fine choices.

  • How to Start Playing the Best Crypto Slots? +

    Here’s what drives off most folks – not knowing how to start playing Ethereum slots. Most people think cryptocurrencies are too complicated for regular folks. It’s quite the contrary; cryptocurrencies are as simple as they come. You don’t need to know the intricate details about the blockchain to play cryptocurrency slots.

    To get things going on Winz.io, you don’t even need a crypto wallet. You can buy crypto with real money without leaving our platform, all thanks to the magic of Changelly.

    As for the full step-by-step guide on how to play the best crypto slots on Winz.io, here’s the deal:

    • The first step you need to do is click on the big Sign Up Now button in the top right corner of the home page. After you click that, you’ll get a special pop-up requiring your personal information like email, password, country of residence, and preferred payment method.
    • After you enter all required data (always use real data, not made-up names, and addresses), click on Sign Up Now again. Another pop-up will open up, this time presenting you with three welcome bonuses.
    • To complete your first deposit, simply head on over to the banking section, choose your preferred cryptocurrency, or use Changelly to purchase digital assets with real money. The choice is all yours!
  • Play the Best Crypto Slots on Winz.io +

    What are you waiting for? We already figured out the key benefits of crypto slots and they massively outweigh any negatives you might find. When compared to conventional slots, crypto slots storm through the gates to take the win.

    They offer superior convenience, have monetary advantages, and are available on fully licensed crypto casinos. Only crypto slots are here to stay, whether you like it or not. So, what are you waiting for? If you’ve never tried Bitcoin slots online before, now is your chance!