Welcome to the thrilling world of Mascot Gaming, where every spin is a journey into unparalleled excitement and innovation. As a dedicated casino software developer since 2015, Mascot Gaming has been committed to perfecting the art of gaming experience, making it more than just a provider – it's a passionate team of professionals crafting unforgettable moments for players.

Website https://mascot.games/
Games Diverse portfolio, over 500 games, including slots with unique features
Notable Features Original game content, innovative mechanics, Risk and Buy feature, Rockfall and Rockways mechanics, Traffic and Profit games concept, Unique soundtracks for each slot, 1-2 game releases per month
Industry Experience Established in 2015, dedicated to perfecting gaming experience
Global Presence Games playable in over 500 online casinos worldwide
Cryptocurrency Support Available at Winz.io, seamless and easy
Promotional Support Supports responsible gambling
Responsible gambling No specific details provided, commitment to responsible gaming assumed

Here's why playing Bitcoin slots from Mascot at Winz.io is a good experience:

  • Unmatched Quality and Innovation +

    Mascot Gaming takes pride in delivering a perfect blend of mathematical precision and cutting-edge gaming features. Their commitment to quality is evident in the rich graphics, sound design, and exciting game themes that adorn every slot. Experience a level of gameplay sophistication that caters to both novices and seasoned players alike.

  • Progressive Development +

    At Mascot Gaming, the focus is not on quantity but on quality. With a conservative approach to introducing new projects, Mascot ensures that each release is a masterpiece. By carefully testing and integrating new mechanisms and features, they elevate the standards of development with every game.

  • Pioneering Game Concepts +

    Mascot Gaming stands out as the first developer to introduce the concept of Traffic and Profit games. This innovative approach allows for a more precise classification of games, ensuring players can easily navigate and find the perfect slot that suits their preferences.

  • Regular and Unique Releases +

    With a commitment to progress, Mascot Gaming releases 1-2 games every month, each contributing to an expanding portfolio of unique and engaging content. From the groundbreaking Risk and Buy feature to the captivating Rockfall and Rockways mechanics, Mascot ensures that each game brings something fresh to the table.

  • Unique Theme and Atmosphere +

    Mascot Gaming understands the importance of theme and atmosphere in gaming. Whether it is reimagining classic themes like fruit series, ancient Egypt, and adventures or creating entirely new concepts, Mascot captivates players with stunning visuals and unique soundtracks tailored for each slot.

  • Best Mascot slots at Winz.io +

    Feel the energy of Riot, where a lively atmosphere and exciting features abound. Uncover the legend in The Pendragon Legend, where noble quests lead to thrilling wins. Embark on a mythical journey to the Dragons Nest, where ancient creatures guard incredible treasures. Play these captivating Mascot slots for an immersive gaming experience!


Enjoy online gambling like never before at Winz.io with Mascot Gaming Bitcoin slots. The perfect blend of innovation, quality, and excitement awaits you.

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