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Play Hilo by Spribe with Bitcoin

RTP:  97.0 %
Volatility:  High

Hilo - experience simplicity

Hilo is an extremely straightforward casino game that allows players to win substantial amounts of money in a split second. You will find this title in the mini card games section, and it is convenient for every device, including your mobile phone. Hilo has been created by a well-known software development company called Spribe, and it offers every gambler a 100% safe playing environment since it is built using provably fair technology. Hence, you don’t need to worry about possible cheats or fraud when playing this game on the Winz.io casino website.

How to play Hilo

As for the game rules, it is pretty easy to play. When you place your bet, one card will appear on the screen, and you have to guess the value of the next card, will it be lower or higher. This is the reason why this game was called Hilo - as it is a shortened version of High-Low. Spribe has decided to make this game even more exciting by adding two extra cards next to the hidden card. Before you start playing, you should place bets using the filter positioned on the right side of the game.

First of all, gamblers should predict if the value of the next card will be lower or higher compared to the displayed card. They confirm their decision by clicking the “high or same” and “low or same” buttons. The next step is to choose one of three cards shown in the middle of the screen, and your bet will be increased in case you will guess correctly. The possible amount of money is displayed below the high and low buttons that will be awarded to you in case you win. Take into mind that you are able to cash out the funds after every round.

Volatility and RTP

As for the essential information regarding Hilo, we would like to emphasize that this game features a pretty high RTP of 97.0%. This number is way above the average in the gambling world, and it gives the players an opportunity to get back considerable amounts of money after wagering. Moreover, the volatility of Hilo is high as well, which means that it allows you to win not so frequently, but when it does, you are guaranteed a pretty big win! So, this game is suitable for you if you are patient enough to wait for a long time to win high amounts!

Payment options

When it comes to payment methods, we have to note that Hilo on Winz.io supports only cryptocurrencies. Cryptos are the safest option for the majority of punters and they prefer to deposit and withdraw funds via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Digital coins use advanced security measures and innovative technology in order to guarantee the maximum protection of every transaction.