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RTP:  97.0 %

JetX is a SmartSoft Gaming release that takes you into outer space… possibly. This game is one of the most popular crash games right now, where you have unprecedented freedom in determining how much you win for each round.

With, you can use both fiat and cryptocurrency to bet! Find a summary below of the key details of this game:

Software Developer SmartSoft Gaming
Year Released 2019
Return to Player (RTP) 97.0%
Game Type Crash Game

SmartSoft Gaming is a B2B iGaming provider that has successfully created a strong customer, and it’s been on the market since 2015. It has been able to establish itself as the biggest innovator in non-traditional games, leading the way in transforming niche games into the mainstream.

Even though most of its releases are slot games, it has been able to leave the biggest mark with amazing gaming creations like JetX.

Gameplay and Rules for SmartSoft’s JetX

With crash games gaining popularity over the course of the last five years, you’re probably already familiar with the game mechanics:

  • The bet you place will apply to the next round to start;
  • The multiplier increases, representing the amount you can get when you cash out;
  • The multiplier when you cash out represents your winnings for the round;
  • If the Jet crashes before you withdraw, you lose your bet.

And once it’s all over, the next round begins in five seconds. But don’t worry! You don’t need to make rash betting decisions because you can place your bet anytime.

If you’re a player who values stats over graphics, you’ll love JetX. Most of the screen space is dedicated to detailed gaming information. At the left of the game screen, you’ll see the results from the past rounds. You can even scroll down to get a fuller picture of when the jet crashed.

At the bottom of the screen, you can set your wager amount. This is also where you can withdraw your winnings at any time during the round.

You can also click the Auto toggle for automatic bets and cashouts. On the right, you’ll see various stats like the activities of other players, top winnings, and even your bets from previous rounds. The way the interface is designed makes it much easier to make data-driven betting decisions.

Visual and Audio Elements That Complete the Jet-Xperience

Are you a fan of old-timey graphics? Then, consider JetX the ultimate throwback! The familiarity of SmartSoft’s retro design definitely adds to the appeal of the game. It starts in an airport and takes you to space and beyond.

But ultimately, it all ends in a boom. Visually speaking, our favourite element is definitely the animation of people being ejected from the jet. It represents people cashing out, so you have visual and real-time info about the activity of other players.

You’ll only ever hear sound effects when the jet has taken off: relaxing and soothing music that ends in the most silent boom ever. SmartSoft Gaming definitely designed it in a way that would not overpower the very simple graphic design. This strategy definitely works, considering the number of people who play the game at any given time.

Betting Dynamics for JetX by SmartSoft

The beauty of crash games like JetX lies in their simplicity. That being said, there’s only one type of bet. The only freedom that you have in terms of betting options is in setting the amount that you want to wager for the round. As discussed, your payout will depend on when you withdraw. If you decide to cash out at 2.00x, then you’ll be winning twice your bet amount.

If you’re working on a tight betting budget, you’ll be glad that you have the same opportunity to claim the top multiplier of 25,000x – with no need for special perks at all! A high RTP of 97% may also give you some peace of mind in terms of how much of your capital you can preserve.

However, we believe that your risk appetite has more to do with your ability to generate a decent win. After all, you decide when you want to cash out.

Tips and Strategies: How Do You Win at JetX?

Many players may be enticed by the potential to win 25,000 times their bet amount. Let us be clear: it is entirely possible for you to win that much. However, your chances of doing so are very small. We believe that as long as you have reasonable expectations on how much you can win, you’ll be able to end your gaming session in the black.

Nothing is ever guaranteed, but these bankroll management tips can help you preserve your capital and win:

  • Don’t shoot for huge multipliers
  • Make small bets
  • Use the auto bet and cashout features if you have an unstable connection
  • Take advantage of all the information available on the interface
  • Don’t give in to peer pressure, and stick to your strategy

It may also be worth reading about the various strategies normally used in casino games such as D’Alembert, Martingale, and Fibonacci. They are quite popular among gamblers, encouraging them to decide their next bet based on the previous one. If you decide to use an existing strategy, just make sure to modify it to fit your risk appetite.

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JetX by SmartSoft: A Smart Gaming Choice

There may be many iterations of the same crash themes, but JetX is surely one of those that you can’t miss out on. SmartSoft Gaming successfully made this game their own. And even though it’s a very minor detail, the animation of people ejecting from the plane is amazing.

It adds to the visual impact of the game while also communicating information about the activities of other players. This definitely helps JetX stand out and expand the options for players who like crash games!