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Play Mega Wheel by Pragmatic Play LIVE with Bitcoin

RTP:  96.5 %

Mega Wheel Live is the first-ever wheel game show from the house of Pragmatic Play in November 2020. It is a fun and entertaining wheel game similar to the age-old wheel of fortune games. Featuring an excellent 4K video quality with an RTP of 95.47%, the game is a good bet to make if your internet is in order.

Set on a reddish-orange backdrop, with a giant M in the centre illuminated by lightbulbs, the developers have done awesome work with the game's aesthetics. The presenter or the live dealers keep entertaining the players as they spin the wheel and declare the winners. The integrated live chat facility, the colourful set-up, and the ease of gameplay are a few things that will keep bringing you back to the game.

Mega Wheel Theme and Layout

It is a big colourful wheel with an arrow pointing at the top, and you feel like spinning the moment you see it. There isn’t any specific theme used to construct this wheel.

The wheel of Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play has fifty-four segments divided into different colours and numbers. The numbers are not in chronology as you would imagine. You will only find nine numbers: one, two, five, eight, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty and forty on the wheel. These are also the betting numbers.

  • 20 segments of 1

  • 13 segments of 2

  • 7 segments of 5

  • 4 segments of 8

  • 4 segments of 10

  • 2 segments of 15

  • 2 segments of 20

  • 1 segment of 30

  • 1 segment of 40

Mega Wheel Symbols and Gameplay

There aren’t any special symbols on the wheel. Instead, the developer decided to go simple this time, with pure numbers representing each segment on the circumference of the wheel.

The gameplay of Mega Wheel Pragmatic Play Live goes like this- the players will place a coin value on any of the nine numbers, or they can go for All-in-Bet. The players will get a 15-second window to place their bets. The betting range is $0.1- $1000 per number. Once the bets are made, the live dealer will spin the wheel and the number where the arrow on the top stops will win the round.

Understandably, the lesser segments a number has, such as numbers 30 and 40, which each has just one segment, the lower the chance to appear as the winning number. Thus, they have a lower probability of winning over other numbers such as 1 or 2. At the same time, the multipliers associated with these low numbers are lesser as compared to the higher numbers.

The fun part is that the multipliers associated with the numbers on the segments are not fixed and keep changing with every bet.

Mega Wheel with Crypto Deposits and Payouts

Along with Pragmatic Play Mega Wheel real money, you can also play Mega Wheel in crypto casino and have a great time. All you need to do is find an online casino that accepts deposits in cryptocurrencies. Commonly accepted cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Tether etc.

You just need to get any supported crypto wallet to transfer crypto and play. You might have to provide additional identity verification documents while playing Mega Wheel with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. The wins from your game will also be credited as cryptocurrency in your casino account.

Mega Wheel Bonus Features

Mega Wheel does not have elaborate bonus features like the bonus segments on the wheel or others. The only Mega Wheel feature is the random multipliers associated with the betting numbers and applied to the staked amount. These multipliers are reflected on the large screen set on the side of the wheel with each passing bet.

The high betting numbers are 15, 20, 30, and 40, obviously, present sparsely on the wheel. There are random multipliers that get associated with all the betting numbers. These top four numbers have the possibility of getting high multipliers that can go as high as 500 times. Similarly, the second-best set, 5, 8, and 10, can earn you a multiplier of 250x. However, you might end up getting meagre multipliers even with high numbers on your unlucky days.


You might think that the Mega Wheel casino game is the usual run-of-the-mill wheel game, but the possibility of a 500x multiplier raises ears and calls for your attention.

The best part is the rules and gameplay isn’t complicated at all, and there is no strategy that you can use to win. If you want just to laze around and have some super quick fun, you can run to the Pragmatic Play live play section and search for Mega Wheel. Make some quick bets, and we hope you have a great time while multiplying your stakes.


Q1: Is multipliers the only bonus feature on the Mega wheel?

A2: Yes, the random multipliers are all you have as bonuses in Mega Wheel. There aren’t any bonus segments on the wheel like in other wheel games.

Q2: How can I play Mega Wheel on mobile?

A2: You can play Mega Wheel through the casino website on the mobile browser or download the casino app. The interface of the mobile version is a little different from the desktop version.

Q3: Are there other similar wheel games like the Mega Wheel?

A3: Yes, Dream Catcher live, Wheel of Fortune, and Sweet Bonanza Candyland are some of the other wheel games you can try out. However, the rules of playing them might be a little different.

Q4: Where to find the Mega Wheel game?

A4: You can find this game on the live casino section of any online casino that offers Pragmatic Play games.