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RTP:  96.7 %

Go down the rabbit hole and play this wonderful Playtech live game release inspired by the beloved tale of Alice in Wonderland. Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live takes on many elements from this famous story, from how the live croupier is dressed to the colours used to design the stage.

Through its well-executed designs, it takes you to the wildest of dream worlds, just as Alice herself experienced.

Software Provider Playtech
Year Released 2020
Return to Player (RTP) 96.82%
Game Type Live Game

This highly interactive live game gives a new meaning to the game show categorization because now, you become more immersed in the experience than ever.

This is thanks to the efforts of Playtech, the largest gaming software provider today and the largest live casino supplier in Europe and Asia. Their data-driven technology allows players to get the most personalized gaming experience ever.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Game: Mechanics and Rules

When you play the game, you’ll be welcomed by a decent user interface that lets you access the most important features. However, the way they’re arranged doesn’t seem to be a good use of space unless you play Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live a lot and get used to it.

For example, you set the bet amount using the chips in the lower right-hand side of the screen, but you set your wager at the bottom centre.

As for the game itself, the central element is the 54-segment wheel. And to play, this is what happens:

  • Place at least one bet before the game starts;
  • All bets are final once the live dealer starts spinning the wheel;
  • Where the flapper ends determines the winners for the round and if there will be a bonus round;
  • All payouts for the round are given before the next one starts.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Bonus Round

For this game, there are four bonus rounds that you should know about:

2/5 WonderSpins

At the back of the main wheel, there’s another wheel filled with characters from Alice in Wonderland. Here, the Rabbit has the highest multiplier at 50x. If it lands on Eat Me or Drink Me, there’s one multiplier added or subtracted, respectively. Then, there’s a respin for you.

The final multiplier, after using up the two or five spins (depending on the segment), determines what will apply to winning bets. Pay attention to the inner wheel and the magical Rabbit that’s spinning it with the dealer! These will cause the multipliers for some fields to increase.


This bonus round was added in 2022 and works in almost the same way as WonderSpins. There’s just one key difference: you can get higher multipliers. Walter blows four bubbles for you to choose from, and the multiplier in your bubble will apply to everything in the wheel.

Magic Dice

At the beginning of the bonus round, you choose between a red or white die. Both are placed inside an automatic dice shaker. Then, you go to the column number that corresponds to the roll for your selected die. From there, three things can happen:

  • You collect your winnings as soon as you land on a multiplier;
  • You move on to the next row if you land on a green arrow;
  • The multipliers are doubled, and you move on to the next row.

Mystery Bonus

Anyone who placed a bet for the game automatically qualifies for this bonus if the flapper stops on this segment. Here, there are two ways to determine the prize:

    1. Cards Soldiers Mystery Multiplier. Three batches of card soldiers march in front of the big wheel. You pick a suit, and the multiplier on the card that gets the most votes will be applied to your total bets for the game.

    2. Caterpillar Mystery Multiplier. A floating caterpillar will blow a bubble that will pop and reveal the multipliers applied to various numbers on the wheel. Then, everyone gets a free spin with the same bet.

Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live: The Visual and Audio Quality

Everything in Alice in Wonderland seems like the product of a psychedelic imagination. However, Playtech went with a more tasteful approach by taking certain things that people can easily recognize as inspired by the timeless tale. As the story is set in the middle of the Victorian era, the live dealers are dressed in clothing that fit the period.

They also used famous characters from the movie as well as colours that make you feel like you’re in a dream-like state. As for the visuals, the CGI successfully brought to life characters like the card soldiers, the Rabbit, and the caterpillar.

There is so much to take in for the visuals, so we believe it was smart for Playtech to tone down the background music to prevent overkill. After all, there’s still the live croupier entertaining and interacting with the players through every moment of the game.

Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Betting Options

You have a pretty decent chance of not going home with an emptied-out casino account because the RTP is 96.82%. However, it’s still up to you to make smart bets to ensure the highest returns for your wagers. Here are the bets you can make for each round:

  • Numbers 1, 2, 5, and/or 10
  • 2 Walterspins
  • 2 WonderSpins
  • 5 WonderSpins
  • Magic Dice

The potential returns for numbers 1, 2, 5, and 10 are 1x, 2x, 5x, and 10x, respectively. As for the bonus rounds, it depends on the multipliers accumulated.

Live Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live Game Tips and Strategies

With any wheel game, your strategy should always answer this one question: how much are you willing to risk to get the highest returns? This is a good starting point for how to bet. If you want to preserve your capital, you can balance high-risk bets like Magic Dice with low-risk ones like Numbers 1 and 2.

But if you think the bonus round is where huge returns are, then perhaps you should not bet on any numbers. If you want to have a great adventure in Wonderland in a casino, the gaming options matter as much as your attitude while playing.

So, remember these few things:

  • Set your own limits for wins, losses, session length, and bet amount;
  • Stop once you feel frustrated;
  • Remember that you’re betting for fun, not to get an income.

Why Should I Choose Crypto Casino to Play Adventures Beyond Wonderland Live?

Using this Crypto Casino also comes with these wonderful perks:

  • Up-to-date licensing from Antillephone N.V. (Curacao);
  • Sophisticated search and filtering functions;
  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy registration process;
  • Competitive bonuses and promotions.

And remember: Adventures of Wonderland casino selections should have special features to accommodate your preferences. That’s why crypto betters will love the fact that there’s also the added benefit of being able to deposit using cryptocurrency.

And because the online casino itself lets you set your account currency to BTC, LTC, ETH, or others, you don’t lose anything to conversions. So, once you have money in your account, look for the game using the search bar. Then, just click Play to get started!

Let Your Adventure Beyond Wonderland Live Forever with This Magical Playtech Creation

Well-incorporated CGI and immersive gameplay make Adventures Beyond Wonderland a truly wonderful live game. So, if you want to step outside the usual live version of casino classics, this game is definitely a must-try. It’s one of the more interactive game shows at, thus introducing variety to their library which is mostly made up of slot games.

Take a trip to Wonderland and try this game today! Just look up the game using the search function or manually find it in the Game Show category of the Live section. If you’re a new player, you may qualify for a Live Casino Bonus when playing this game.

The game is compatible with any device capable of opening an online casino platform, including desktop and mobile. Just make sure you have a fast internet connection for the best gaming experience.