Fire In The Hole xBomb
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nolimit/FireInTheHolexBombFire In The Hole xBomb

Play Fire In The Hole xBomb by Nolimit with Bitcoin

RTP:  96.06 %
Volatility:  Very High

Fire in The Hole xBomb Bitcoin slot was developed and released by Nolimit City in 2021. The slot is about big-bearded dwarves, eager to find treasure underground. You, the player, are there to help these dwarves fulfill their dreams, and get a big chunk of the booty!

The game consists of 6 reels and 6 rows, but the last 3 rows are bordered off, only opening up once you get a combination or a wild symbol. The slot has collapsing reels, so it’s pretty easy to get a consistent streak of combinations once you get one of them.

Volatility, Payouts & RTP

All of the necessary features of the slot are as follows:

  • RTP - 94.06%
  • Payouts - 0.25x to 60,000x
  • Volatility - Very High

Free Spins & Additional Features

Fire in The Hole xBomb crypto slot has a very weird approach to its regular reels compared to the free spins. The reels are littered with gravel, which has to be cleared to make way for symbols that actually bring some value. So, in the beginning, the slot may seem unfair, especially considering the wild symbol doesn’t really have any value as well. But, hold tight miner! The real advantages of this slot game start once you get 3 scatter symbols during a spin. That’s when you enter the Lucky Wagon Spins feature, which is full of opportunities to win big.

The idea is quite simple with Fire in The Hole xBomb free spins though. The first row gets occupied by a moving wagon, which assigns each reel a multiplier. The first two rows then spin to get a gold coin. If you get the coin, it is given the multiplier assigned by the wagon to that reel. It also refreshes your free spins and puts it at 3 again. The wagon also allows you to clear the remaining 3 rows to make room for these gold coins. If you’re lucky enough, you can potentially win up to 60,000x your wager!

FAQ on Fire in The Hole xBomb

What is Fire in The Hole xBomb RTP?

The RTP for Fire in The Hole xBomb Bitcoin slot is 96.06%. Even though this is the market standard, consider that you can win up to 60,000x your deposit, making this slot more than worth it. Can You Play Fire in The Hole xBomb for Bitcoin? Yes! You can actually play Fire in The Hole xBomb on for a multitude of different cryptocurrencies. These coins are:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • DOGE
  • USDT

What is the maximum crypto payout in Fire in The Hole xBomb?

60,000x your wager is the maximum amount you can win with Fire in The Hole xBomb. It is pretty much equivalent to a mini jackpot if we do say so ourselves. It just needs you to get really really lucky though.

How to win Fire in The Hole xBomb?

You need to win more than 60,000x your wager in order to “win” the Fire in The Hole xBomb crypto slot. It’s actually one of the few slots that have a “win” feature. Once you get the 60,000x multiplier, the game just stops and the dwarves breathe a sigh of relief, happy to have found their treasure. You, of course, get a nice cut!