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Play Ultimate Texas Hold'em by Evolution with Bitcoin

Ultimate Texas Hold’em is a live casino poker-type game from Evolution Gaming, with extra special features and different payouts that create a fascinating gaming experience for the players. The game process includes 52 cards without any jockers and decks and you have to play against the dealer. The main goal is to have a better 5-card poker compared to the dealer.

Evolution gaming creates one of the best visual elements and atmosphere in Ultimate Texas Hold’em. During the gameplay, participants can use different side bets which gives them more opportunity to increase payouts or the probability of winning. Even though the main rules are the same as in other poker-type games, Ultimate Texas Hold’em includes the difference in the number of cards dealt.

There are three main opportunities while betting. The player can wait for every card or make an early bet and raise the Ante. You can also skip the bet which is a good option when there is a high chance of losing a hand.

Ultimate Texas Hold’em on Winz.io is available for those who want to play with different cryptocurrencies. This online casino not only allows players to play with BTC but also with other popular digital coins.

Special Features of Ultimate Texas Hold’em

Ultimate Texas Hold’em rules are pretty similar to the poker games. The first movement is to set the players betting by selecting several coins on the screen. There is a time limit before the beginning of the round. As already mentioned, after revealing the first 3 cards, or before that, the player can raise Ante 3 or 4 times. With the special features, Ultimate Texas Hold’em is different with its opportunity to play with high stakes.

Ante bets are bet types that give the player amounts of payout during the next round of a game. A regular bet will pay 1:1. The game also allows players to double wager automatically and make the blindside bet. That gives higher chances of winning.

Another side bet is called trips. Specifically, this is a bonus feature that pays if the player has at least three of a kind in hand. With Trips, the dealer won’t have to qualify for the player to get a win. The possibility of using side bets despite losing creates a great chance of winning for every player.

FAQs on Ultimate Texas Hold’em

What is RTP for Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

The RTP for Ultimate Texas Hold’em is 99.47%. That is a great ratio because it is very close to the golden standard which equals 99.50%.

Can I play Ultimate Texas Hold’em for Bitcoin?

Yes, for sure! Ultimate Texas Hold’em for Bitcoin can be played on Winz.io where the players can also try this great poker game experience with other cryptocurrencies, such as XRP, ETH, BCH, and LTC. With a wide choice of cryptos, the online casino page also gives you the opportunity to make transactions anonymously, in a faster and more comfortable way.

What is the payout for Ultimate Texas Hold’em?

The payout for Ultimate Texas Hold’em depends on the type of bet. More specifically, for blindside bets, the payout is 500:1. WIth Trips bonus feature, you can get a payout of 50:1.