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Speed Roulette is a live dealer roulette game created by Evolution Gaming. Users play the game with other players over a live video connection from the comfort of their homes.

Evolution Gaming is a top software provider with hundreds of casino games in its lineup. Evolution live roulette can be found under the live games category, which means users can only play real money versions, and no demos are available.

Here are the top features you can expect:

Software Developer Evolution Gaming
Year Released 2018
RTP 97.3%
Volatility Medium
Paylines -

Speed Evolution Roulette Gameplay and Rules

Evolution Roulette Live has unique gameplay that sets it apart from the other roulette games on the market. Its mechanics and user interface, along with its features, are the reasons why gamblers choose to play it.

Here are further details:

Mechanics and User Interface

Live Speed Roulette is built for fast play and quick outcomes. The live game wheel spins once every 25 seconds, which is faster than live roulette games built by competitors.

Therefore, players can make quicker bets than in regular live games. The user interface is crisp, and players can easily place bets, adjust their wagers, and spin the wheels as required.

In addition, the video is streamed directly to your chosen device and the quality is determined by the strength of your internet connection.

The aim of the game is to predict the slot number where the ball will land each round. You can choose to bet on colours or on numbers from 1-36.

The game is moderated by a trained and professional live dealer who ensures all players abide by the rules and payouts are made correctly.

Each spin is one round, and players can adjust their bets after each within the permitted betting range. In addition, they can use the camera angles to see the full gaming arena and make decisions from various points before placing bets.

When players access the game from our Winz.io website, they can stream the Speed Roulette Evolution live video to their web browsers. The game buttons and user interface are straightforward for both beginners and expert roulette players.

Live games do not have demo versions; hence, players will only be able to play with real money.

Game Features

The game is designed to offer players a lightning-fast roulette experience.

Here are some of the features that players can use when they play Speed Roulette by Evolution:

  • AutoPlay: The autoplay feature allows players to repeat the bets they made previously in the following round automatically. It is great for those who just want to have fun and don’t want to slow down the tempo with over-analysis.
  • Fast Rounds: The 25 seconds between each spin means that players can enjoy around 50 extra game rounds per hour compared to regular roulette games. This feature makes Speed Roulette the fastest roulette game available at Winz.io online casino.
  • Statistics: The option allows players to view the results of the last 500 spins made. Using this data, players can find hot and cold numbers, which can help them establish a pattern and winning strategy.

Evolution Gaming Roulette Visuals and Audio

How does the game appeal to its users? In this section, we will discuss how it uses visuals and sounds to keep its users engaged.

Graphics and Design

The game design features a simple interface with betting options and video made available for players. Select your bets and watch the wheel spin in real time to reveal the outcome of your wagers. The interface is designed to mimic the experience of physical casino games.

Therefore, the video is an integral part of the experience as it allows players to feel like they are in the same room as the other gamers.

Players can adjust the graphics quality and other settings based on their preferences. The interface uses a simple toggle system, which makes it easy for both beginners and experienced players to customize the gaming experience to suit them.

Sound and Music

The game uses regular VFX sounds to let players know when an action has been taken. And don’t forget the audio from the live video stream! The sights, sounds, and thrills are streamed directly to players.

Every spin of the wheel, drop of the ball, and dealer call can be heard directly from the stream. If players feel like the sound is too loud or intrusive, they can opt for quieter play by reducing the volume using the available toggles.

In all, the sound experience captures what it feels like to play roulette in a physical casino. The only difference? It is faster.

Evolution Speed Roulette Betting Dynamics

How do players place bets in Speed Roulette Evolution? Here, we discuss the betting dynamics and the payout.

Betting Options

The game has a betting range of $0.50-$5,000 per spin. Therefore, it is a good game for small-time players looking for fun and high rollers looking for a good time. The best part of the betting options is that you can place bets with cryptocurrency directly on Winz.io.

Using the autoplay feature, you do not need to manually adjust your bets, as you can set one amount and use it multiple times for your spins. Furthermore, you can store your favourite bet options, which you can use for autoplay.

Payout and RTP (Return to Player)

The game has an RTP of 97.3%, which is higher than what most competitor games offer. Therefore, players can expect to get high wins in the long term. The payouts are determined by the odds of the bets placed.

Before bets are placed, players are encouraged to check out the payout odds available in the game menu.

Speed Roulette Evolution Tips and Strategies

To get an edge while playing, players must develop a Speed Roulette strategy. This will enable them to get better outcomes over time.

Here are some tips to improve your winning ratio:

  • Take advantage of the game’s speed and focus on the long run to get better returns because of the high RTP;
  • Use low betting amounts while you are formulating your individual strategy for better bankroll management;
  • Take advantage of the betting limits. At Winz.io, we offer wide betting limits to suit your budget;
  • Always follow the principles of responsible gambling and do not chase losses.

Why Should I Choose Winz.io Crypto Casino to Play Speed Roulette Evolution?

At Winz.io, players can gamble using cryptocurrency. The casino accepts various cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, XRP, LTC, and ETH.

Our website is also registered with licensing bodies, and it is a reliable platform with a user-friendly interface. We continuously work and improve to make sure you have fun playing casino games on our platform.

To start playing Speed Roulette, you need to create an account on Winz.io and make your initial deposit.

Be sure to grab the welcome bonus while you’re at it, and now you’re ready to play! Just find the game using the search bar or by visiting the Roulette section in the Live Games category.


Speed Roulette Live by Evolution Gaming is a modern roulette game that takes speed to a new level. Its betting ranges are flexible, which makes it accessible to multiple players.

With Winz.io, you can gamble using cryptocurrency. Speed Roulette fits perfectly into our wide range of live games, allowing for a different, faster roulette experience. Log on to Winz.io and start playing now!