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Play Speed Baccarat A by Evolution with Bitcoin

Speed Baccarat A is one of the greatest versions of baccarat games from Evolution gaming. Fascinating, comfortable features, increasing chances of luck and winning, great visual elements, and effects create a wonderful experience for those who want to feel a realistic online gaming experience.

Speed Baccarat A gives you the opportunity to maximize betting variates and enjoy the playing session. This is a super comfortable and fast game where the round lasts only for 27 seconds. For those who were bored with high betting and waiting period and rounds which would last for 48 seconds, Speed Baccarat A is a super-fast gaming experience.

The rules are the same as in baccarat games in general. The round starts with coin value selection and after finishing the round the dealer draws 2 cards for players and bankers. Face-up cards help to save time during the playing. The closest to 8 or 9 will be the winner of the round. The main difference with classic baccarat games is that the player is limited in time with the timer and should make decisions quickly.

Speed Baccarat A on Winz.io is available for those who want to experience this super-fast journey with cryptocurrencies. This online casino not only suggests different cryptocurrencies but also fast and anonymous transactions with safety.

Special Features of Speed Baccarat A

Speed Baccarat A with fast rounds also suggests extra features such as bonuses B & P, various side bets, and high payouts which brings more excitement during the live stream.

The player has the options between three different side bets as in other speed baccarat variates. One of them is banker bets where the winning chances are higher and the payout is a little bit lower compared to player bets where the payout is 1:1. And another is tie bets which are quite hard to get and the payout is higher with 8:1.

With the special features, the player has B & P side bets in which payout increases with the difference between bigger points. With the 9-point difference, the payout is 30:1. If there appear corresponding hands, the bonus system creates a payout with 11:1. Also, the game includes perfect pairs with the higher payout of 25:1 and the mega winning amount where you need to have two perfect pairs in both hands. This requires big luck but also includes a payout of 200:1.

FAQ on Speed Baccarat A

What is RTP for Speed Baccarat A?

The RTP for Speed Baccarat A is 98.94%, which is a great number compared to the minimum difference with the golden standard which equals 99.50%. The various side-bets with the different activation probability games create a high chance of winning for the player.

Can I play Speed Baccarat A for Bitcoin?

Yes! Speed Baccarat A Bitcoin is available on the online casino website Winz.io. The casino gives the players the greatest and most comfortable options between cryptocurrencies. More specifically, you can play Speed Baccarat A on Winz.io with BCH, LTC, ETH, and XRP.

What are the payout amounts for Speed Baccarat A?

The payouts for Speed Baccarat A are different and depend on the side-bets. The smallest payout is for bankers’ side bets with 0.95:1 and the highest is with two pairs of perfect pairs at the same time, where the player can win the reward with the payout of 200:1.