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Play Deal or No Deal by Evolution with Bitcoin

RTP:  95.42 %

Evolution’s Deal or No Deal crypto casino game is one of the most popular lives from the provider. It is a live dealer reproduction of the same-named famous game show. It was a huge hit in the United States and a number of European nations.

The creators' ability to capture the format so perfectly will pleasantly please you. Players will have a comparable experience to that of the TV program.

Payouts & RTP

The game comes with pretty impressive attributes:

  • Maximum payout - 500x your total stake
  • RTP - 95.42%

Unfortunately, the game only has a live version which means that you can not play Deal or No Deal free.

Deal or No Deal Rules

First, you have to place your bet and let the wheel spin. Your objective is to land the golden segments on the wheel's upper part. By lowering the difficulty, players can increase their chances of qualifying.

After qualifying, competitors advance to the Top Uplevel. This is a part that can be skipped. If a player does not like to put these extra bets, they are not required to do so. You can keep spinning the wheel until the qualification round for everyone is completed.

You will be allowed to play the game show portion of the release if you successfully qualify. There are four options in this category. Three briefcases are included in the initial offer. A Deal will be given based on their average worth. You have the option of accepting the offer (deal) or continuing to play (no deal). If you do not make a decision within the time limit, the game will presume you have chosen against making a deal.

The next option you'll be given is four briefcases out of a total of nine. If you don't choose a deal again, you'll be directed to the third option. There are still five briefcases available. If you don't choose anything else, you'll be sent to the fourth and final offer.

Three briefcases are opened, leaving the remaining two briefcases unopened. One briefcase will be allocated to you at random. Choose whether to accept the reward in one of the three briefcases or to take the prize in the allocated briefcase if you don't want to accept the prize in any of the three briefcases.

You have the option of switching briefcases with the last two. You can click the button to win the reward from the second briefcase if you believe it contains more money.

FAQ on Deal or No Deal

What is the RTP of Deal or No Deal?

The RTP of Deal or No Deal is 95.42% which means that players have an opportunity to win almost 96% of their whole bet as the RTP number stands for the theoretical amount of money that players can win while playing the game.

Can I play Deal or No Deal for Bitcoin?

Yes, you can play Deal or No Deal for BTC and you can also use other digital coins for playing the game. It means that anonymity is guaranteed and no one will be able to track down your transactions if you use cryptos as a default payment method. The cryptos you can use besides the BTC are listed below:

  • XRP
  • ETH
  • LTC
  • BCH

What is the maximum win of Deal or No Deal?

The maximum win of Deal or No Deal is 500x your total stake. It means that once you score the maximum win if your whole bet was 10 dollars, the game will pay you 5000 dollars which is a pretty good deal.

Can I earn Deal or No Deal winnings in crypto?

Yes, you can definitely earn the equivalent value of your winnings in any cryptocurrency that is accepted by the platform if you play Deal or No Deal on! Additionally, it is also possible to convert your winning to other cryptocurrencies through the website.