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Play Auto-Roulette by Evolution with Bitcoin

The Auto-Roulette live crypto casino game was developed and released by Evolution Gaming. Auto Roulette is a non-dealer game by Evolution Gaming. This game will fit your needs if you want speedier gaming action and a less intimate Live casino experience. Auto Roulette is an excellent bridge game between the worlds of virtual gambling and Live Dealer gaming, as newcomers are especially scared in front of actual dealers at first. You get a true roulette wheel and studio experience but without the live host.

Take a seat at a Live Casino table with a real roulette wheel and high-end live casino decor. This game does not have a Live Dealer presenter, but it is narrated by a virtual voice overlay that introduces and ends betting as well as announces the outcomes of each spin.

Maximum Win, Bets & RTP

Auto-Roulette by Evolution Gaming comes with pretty impressive attributes:

  • Maximum win - 35x your bet
  • Minimum Bet - $0.1
  • Maximum Bet - $500
  • RTP - 97.3%


The Auto-Roulette Bitcoin casino game is played on a normal European Roulette wheel with 37 unique pockets numbered from 0 to 36. On the screen, a betting grid is displayed, with spots delineated to correspond to all of the wheel’s potential outcomes. Simply select your preferred chip denomination and drag it to the correct grid location.

The wheel will roll once the narrator calls a closure to the betting, and the outcome of the round will be determined by the small white ball. While outside bets are simpler to win, the payoff is significantly lower than the riskier straight-up/inside bets.

The game is designed to allow for limitless wagering, which will appeal to High Rollers. While games with a bet spread ranging from €0.10 to €10,000 are popular, the spread varies according to the casino.

If you play a straight-up bet, a maximum stake of €10,000 may potentially convert into €350,000 in a single round if the 97.3 percent RTP does its magic.

FAQ on Evolution Auto-Roulette

Can I play Auto-Roulette for Bitcoin?

Yes, you can use BTC while playing the live game as well as earn the equivalent value of your winnings in the BTC. It is a very important detail that the game is eligible for users who prefer to pay with other digital coins rather than BTC. You can play Auto-Roulette on for cryptocurrencies which are listed below:

  • BTC
  • BCH
  • ETH
  • XRP
  • LTC

What is the RTP of the game?

One of the main indicators to go with while choosing a casino game is its RTP number. You should always try to find a game that comes with a high RTP number as it is directly linked to your winnings. The RTP of Auto-Roulette is 97.3% which means that the player can win 97.3% of the whole bet at some point. This is considered a high number as it is above the average RTP number of the gambling industry which is 96%.

Is Evolution Auto-Roulette easy to play?

Yes, Auto-Roulette is pretty simple to play as it comes with very easy rules and light gameplay. If you have ever played Roulette before you will not find anything hard and if you have no experience at all, do not worry as you can find a detailed explanation of the rules and the gameplay in the menu.