Triple Cash or Crash from Betsoft Review

  • Updated July 10, 2023 11:28 AM

When it comes to online slots, there are few developers that can match the quality and excitement offered by Betsoft. The company has built a reputation for producing visually attractive games with compelling themes and novel features.

One of its most popular titles is Triple Cash or Crash, a game that combines classic slot graphics with modern crash gameplay mechanics to create a truly unique experience.

The numerous features and gameplay mechanics of Triple Cash or Crash will be thoroughly examined in this review. We will take a closer look at the game’s visuals, sound effects, and overall presentation, as well as its bonus options and potential payouts. Keep reading to know more!

Game Design

This Betsoft online slot has a theme centered on rocket launches. The launchpad, equipped with satellite dishes, can be seen in the backdrop.

Triple Cash or Crash Design

Once the rocket is launched, it will go into space, with stars and planets crossing the screen in the backdrop. The rocket will continue to ascend until you decide to evacuate your astronauts. 

How to Play Triple Cash or Crash

The Triple Cash or Crash gameplay is indeed one of a kind. The following instructions will help you to better understand the game’s interface and in-play options:

  • There are three betting options on the left side of the screen. You may select wagering choices by using the left and right arrows. You may also change the betting values by using the other buttons. 
  • Once you’ve decided on your stake amount, click ‘Place Bet’. 
  • To repeat the bets made in the previous round, click the green ‘Repeat All Bets’ button. 
  • When the rocket takes off, the win multiplier increases every millisecond. You have 10 seconds to make a wager. 
  • Using the center red button, eject astronauts one at a time or all at once.
  • The multiplier achieved is shown at the top of the screen. 
  • The monetary incentive is forfeited if the rocket explodes before the astronauts are released. 
  • The bottom right-hand corner contains the game information, options, and sound toggle control. 

Slot Payouts

Gamblers must evacuate their astronauts before the rocket explodes to win in both demo and actual play mode. The award will be forfeited if the rocket explodes while an astronaut is aboard. 

Triple Cash or Crash Payouts

Here are the highest win multiplier amounts and restrictions for the slot with no winning symbols, so you may try to unlock the maximum win from the Triple Cash or Crash slot: 

  • Max profit = 200,000 coins 
  • Total max profit = 200,000 coins
  • Max multiplier = 100,000x

Bonus Features

There are no Triple Cash or Crash additional features. Thus, users cannot increase their maximum win by using a scatter symbol or free spins round. There is simply the base round, which is distinguished from other online slots by its crash idea. 

About Betsoft

Betsoft is a well-known online casino game developer that has been in business since 1999. The company is famous for producing high-quality games with innovative features and stunning graphics. Their games are available in over 500 online casinos worldwide, and they have won numerous awards for their contributions to the industry.

One of the standout features of Betsoft’s games is their graphics and animations. The company has invested heavily in developing its proprietary technology, which allows for stunning 3D graphics and animations. This attention to detail and commitment to quality is evident in all of their titles, from their classic slot machines to more modern video slots.

Betsoft’s games are renowned for their cutting-edge gaming mechanisms in addition to their eye-catching visuals and animations. The business has brought a variety of novel features to the market, including the “Double Up” function, which enables players to double their wins by accurately predicting the result of a coin flip.

Another unique aspect of Betsoft’s games is their “Shift” platform, which allows players to switch seamlessly between desktop and mobile devices without losing any of their progress or game data. This feature has made their games highly accessible and convenient for gamblers who want to enjoy their favorite casino entertainment on the go.

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The game selection offered by Betsoft is extensive and features a wide range of different game genres, including traditional and video slots, table games, and specialized titles. Their most well-known works are Greedy Goblins, Good Girl, Bad Girl, and The Slotfather.

Their video slot games are particularly noteworthy, as they often feature intricate storylines and interactive gameplay elements. For example, their game A Night in Paris features a thrilling plot where players must help a security guard catch a thief, while their game Mamma Mia! allows players to customize their own pizza to win cash prizes.

Betsoft’s table games are also well-regarded, offering players a realistic and immersive casino experience. Their games include classics such as roulette, blackjack, and baccarat, as well as unique variations like Pontoon and Red Dog.

In conclusion, Betsoft is a top-tier online casino game developer that has made significant contributions to the industry. Their commitment to quality and innovation is evident in all of their games, including Triple Cash or Crash, which features stunning graphics, innovative gameplay mechanics, and unique functions.

With a diverse game collection that includes classic and video slots, table games, and specialties, Betsoft is a leading choice for gambling enthusiasts worldwide!

Final Thoughts

Crash games are often straightforward in concept, but Triple Cash or Crash still stands out. Despite the lack of additional features, it boasts smooth gameplay that will appeal to aficionados of this form of slot. 

The highest prize is fairly large, while the RTP is around normal for the slot sector. The notion of having three bets every session is quite ingenious, and we are confident that the Triple Cash or Crash slot may become your favorite crash game!


1️⃣ When does Triple Cash or Crash’s automatic cash-out occur?

If you hit any of the set multipliers, the game will immediately cash out your winnings. The cap will vary depending on a number of variables, including the number of players betting in the round, the size of the bets, and how long the players remain on the ship.

2️⃣ How do Triple Cash or Crash’s game mechanics work?

The rocket will take off, and the multiplier will increase in size while it orbits the Earth. Your goal is to launch the astronauts into space before the rocket detonates. The progress of the multiplier is stopped by pressing the Take button.

3️⃣ What do Triple Cash or Crash’s three restrictions mean?

Before being paid out, players will come across three caps. The maximum profit is the aggregate winnings from all three bets you may make in a single round. The total maximum profit awarded to all players during that round, and the maximum multiplier is the biggest bet multiplier you can receive.

4️⃣ Is Triple Cash or Crash fair?

Yes, Triple Cash or Crash is designed to be fair and random. Betsoft uses certified random number generators (RNGs) to ensure that every spin and crash outcome is unbiased and unpredictable. The game’s fairness is regularly audited and verified by independent testing agencies.

5️⃣ Can I play Triple Cash or Crash on mobile devices?

Yes, Betsoft optimizes its games, including Triple Cash or Crash, for mobile play. You can enjoy the game on various mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as long as you have a stable internet connection. Simply visit a compatible online casino through your mobile browser to access the game.

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