The tech future of online gambling

The almost relentless advance of technology has meant that it is nearly pointless to try and predict the future, since there are probably things and technologies which will be vital in the years to come, which haven’t even been invented yet. However, there are some trends that can be observed, and a judgment made based on them. This is the case for the online betting and gambling industry, where there are several recent and upcoming developments that will have a huge impact on the sector as a whole. Here are some of those developments which we expect to be a huge part of our lives in the not so distant future.

The Internet of Things

We are already part of a world where everything is connected. Cars, home appliances, TVs – you name it, and the gadget will have some form of connection to the internet. Add to this the growing prevalence of home assistants such as Alexa and Siri, through which one can control the lights, switch appliances on and off, and do many more tasks around the house, and you already have a semi-automated house. However, this has implications for betting as well, where this ecosystem can be used to place bets online instantly, and in real-time, to take advantage of any gut feeling or insight that the customer might have. A simple voice command would be all that would be needed to record and place the bet.

Wearable technology and augmented reality (AR)

Another area that has come on in leaps and bounds is the wearable technology space. Smartwatches are quite common now, and like every other technology, they are also being constantly improved, so they are not going to go away anytime soon. AR is another such area where development has been notable in the last few years, and these two could combine to deliver a casino experience to players from the comfort of their homes. Smart glasses, enabled with AR tech, could allow players to be able to virtually sit at a casino table and play poker or blackjack, for example.

Virtual Reality (VR)

A related concept is that of virtual reality (VR). The arrival of 5G internet is expected to hasten its spread across the world, as people will finally have the internet bandwidth to be able to take advantage of the full capabilities that VR offers. This will allow people to be able to experience whatever they want from the comfort of their homes, whether it be a seat at center court on Wimbledon on the day of the final, or a walk on the Great Wall of China. The possibilities are endless, and so are the opportunities for various industries, with tourism and gambling being some of the most suitable ones. VR headsets can be used to deliver a fully immersive casino experience for users, with designs and looks that may not even be possible in actual life, being shown inside the virtual world.

Personalized experiences

The use of data and analytics is growing across every business and industry, and the online gambling sector is no different. Combining some or all of the technologies mentioned above with actual user preferences, gained by using analytical tools and data analysis, will be vital to provide the best and most personalized experience for customers. This will be necessary to give them the right option at the right time – a well-timed offer, a gift of bonus coins or spins, and so on, to maximize revenue as well as improve the customer’s experience.