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The world of technology is one that does not wait or slow down in any way. New innovations and products are always in the pipeline, and it does not take too long for the latest technology to become obsolete as the next version comes along. This can be seen in the developments around mobile technology. 5G is only just being rolled out around the world, and it is likely to take quite some time before it is the new standard for mobile internet speeds globally. However, talk and attention have already turned to 6G, and when we can expect it to be developed and launched.

It must be noted here that 6G is still years from being launched, and the exact standard behind the 6G network has not been established yet. However, many of the technologies that will shape the way 6G is created and rolled out are already being developed. 5G is the latest iteration in the development of wireless technology, which offers higher speeds, better connectivity and more device support than 4G. Through 5G, we can expect the internet of things (IoT) to become even more prevalent, as household appliances, vehicles and more will all be connected to the internet. However, with regard to 6G, we still do not know what the concept will be, as research is still ongoing. It is expected that the framework for 6G will be ready by 2028, and the first 6G products will be launched by the end of this decade, and so you should not expect mass-produced 6G products before 2030.

It is also interesting to note the impact that high internet speeds and better connectivity have on the mobile gambling and market of the blockchain based online crypto casinos. Along with improving efficiency and the quality of operations, 5G capabilities are also being used in tandem with blockchain networks, in a move that has the potential to completely change the industry. By using blockchain, we have been able to see decentralized casinos and apps, which have created an extremely safe and reliable gaming environment. All actions performed are recorded on the blockchain, so players can be sure that the casino operator is not manipulating the game, and that results are completely fair. Transactions are also much more secure. Thus, blockchain has already had a positive impact on the sector, and its integration with 5G will be even more beneficial.

5G capabilities will allow online casinos to process crypto payments in a much faster manner, as it will help reduce latency and increase speed and capacity. Another huge benefit is the potential use of smart contracts. Blockchain networks that support smart contracts will be much faster and safer while helping to support more data transfers and games as well. Again, this can only work well if used with a fast and reliable internet network, which is where 5G comes into the picture.

This example shows how 5G is already having a positive impact on gambling, and it has not even been completely rolled out yet. We can expect to see more of this in the coming months and years, as gambling companies begin to utilise 5G to its full potential. Thus, it is even more exciting to think about the potential impact that 6G will have, as the next step in the evolution of wireless technology.

Most of the current focus around 6G is around using ultra-high frequencies to transmit data. 5G can currently go up to 100 GHz, but it is generally around 39 GHz for practical purposes. However, it is believed that this can be increased to the hundreds of GHz, or even terahertz, in the coming years, and this will increase data transmission speeds like never before. However, there are no semiconductors that exist at the moment which can use terahertz frequencies. Another issue is that water vapour in the atmosphere actually blocks and reflects terahertz waves, so there may be a natural upper limit to wireless frequencies, unless scientists can figure out a way to create specific wave patterns that are not blocked by water molecules. 6G operations will also require extremely complex antenna hardware that has not yet been invented.

Thus, we can see the impact that high-speed wireless technology can have, which is a good sign for the advent of 5G and even 6G in the future. However, it must be remembered that we are nearly a decade away from the arrival of 6G, and that we must first use 5G to its capacity.

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