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Most businesses and industries will have had to evolve over time to survive in years gone by, but this has become even more important in today’s age, where the internet is a huge advantage for those who can use it smartly. Innovations and new features are much more common today, with the internet helping in the creation and spread of these, which means that most businesses will need to work a lot harder to stay relevant. The online gambling and betting space is no different, and we expect there to be many new innovations to come to the fore in 2021. Here are some of the most exciting ones to look forward to.

More usage of cryptocurrencies and e-wallets

Traditional casinos used to be only based on cash, and as technology evolved, we began to see cheques, credit cards and bank transfers as well, but digital transactions were unheard of. However, that is no longer going to be the case. Instant payments are found all over the world today, and the same is now expected from online casinos as well, leading to the potential for a sharp increase in the usage of e-wallets over the coming year. This is also one of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are also becoming quite popular in this space. E-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill and Ecopayz are widely available already across many online casinos, while crypto wallets are also picking up in terms of acceptance, since they are extremely safe and reliable, in addition to being rapid in terms of transaction time.

Smartwatches being brought into the betting industry

Smartwatches are perhaps the best example of the ‘wearables’ industry, where devices are now being found on things we wear. While these watches have largely been used as fitness trackers and accessories for smartphones till now, this is set to change, with the ability to play casino games on watches soon to become a reality. The flexibility and convenience this offers are unparalleled, and developers are already working on games that can be compatible with these watches. This will bring more revenue for the operators, while also opening up the sector for new users who will also want to try out other gadgets for gamblers.

Cloud gaming

Cloud services are going to be the next revolutionary idea in the computing space, and this will mean a big change for the online gambling space as well. Cloud gaming will mean that users will no longer need tons of space to play their favorite games – a stable, fast internet connection and a smart device is all that will be required. This will also make it possible for developers to create high-powered games for users, while players’ betting preferences and settings will stay saved on the cloud, allowing them to have personalized experiences whenever they log on to the site.

Virtual and augmented reality games

VR and AR have taken significant strides over the last few years, to the extent that we have some excellent games which utilize these technologies, with more set to follow. This also has applications for the online casino industry, as VR can be used to create a realistic casino environment for players without them leaving their living rooms. They can interact with live dealers and have a full-blown casino experience remotely, which, as the pandemic has shown, could be the next way forward for various sectors, not just casinos.

Rise in betting on esports

Another trend that was quite popular in 2020 was the rise in interest in esports. This was largely driven by the absence of live sports due to various lockdowns, which left esports as the only alternative for sports fans. However, this proved to be quite popular, with many betting operators even beginning to offer odds on esports tournaments and matches. Esports has remained popular even with the return of live sports, and so we can expect that betting markets on esports will also stay in place, and potentially even expand, with newer markets and odds being established to keep players interested and to attract new ones.

Growth in mobile gaming

The improvement in smartphone technology over the last couple of decades has meant that we now have mini-computers in our pockets, and one result of this has been that gaming on mobile phones has become extremely popular. Most major game studios release mobile versions of their most popular slots nowadays, while there is also a lot of scope for online casinos here through cloud gaming and HTML, which allows them to present multiple options to the casino user without needing to worry about the space limitations on phones.

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