Litecoin Gambling Guide

While software-based casino games are certainly popular, live games are known for providing gamblers with an authentic experience that’s backed by a high degree of entertainment. This is also the case with litecoin live casinos, which have been recently gaining traction.

Nowadays, tens of thousands of avid gamblers worldwide rely on cryptocurrency-based casinos for their daily source of entertainment. Such platforms are well-known for their cool selection of games, modern user interface, and better payment policies.

With this in mind, this knowledge page will focus on highlighting everything there is to know about gambling on litecoin-based live casinos.

How do live casinos work?

Live game providers work by hiring a number of dealers who do their best to transpose the offline casino experience on digital gambling platforms. Such services create an authentic user experience that’s significantly more dynamic when compared to software-based casino games.

Consequently, in the case of live casinos, it is real-life dealers who spin the wheel, shuffle cards, throw the dice, or deal cards. A live streaming service records these dealers at work and creates a virtual casino experience. Software integrations such as optical character recognition (OCR), click-based bets, live chat, and animations, help breach the technological barrier, thereby granting players a sense of involvement that’s unparalleled.

Live games are significantly more expensive than software-exclusive casinos. These companies must constantly invest in hiring and training croupiers while purchasing expensive equipment such as cameras and game tables.

When users join a live casino, they’ll gain access to a betting interface alongside a live camera view of the dealer and the game table. Thus, users do not have to turn on their cameras and their identities remain private.

Game types supported by live casinos

Most live casinos offer multiple games. The most popular titles are roulette, poker, blackjack, and baccarat. Of course, there is support for a series of game varieties, such as American/Russian/European Roulette, Texas Hold’em/Draw/Stud Poker, Atlantic City/Vegas Strip/European Blackjack, Punto Banco/Chemin de Fer Baccarat, and more.

Some casinos provide support for multiple languages. The most common ones are English, Russian, and French.

How can you start playing on live casinos using Litecoin?

The process is fairly simple, regardless of whether you have dabbled with cryptocurrencies before. There are multiple methods of accessing Litecoin, such as purchasing, mining, or earning it. Since earning and mining are considerably more difficult, we’ll shift our focus to purchasing LTC.

Usually, new cryptocurrency owners purchase coins from one of the market’s numerous digital currency exchanges. Most platforms will support fiat-to-litecoin exchanges, but it’s important to choose a service that’s legal within your jurisdiction and which offers a fair conversion rate.

Once you’ve chosen an exchange, create an account and complete the KYC/AML verification if required. Once the account is activated, you can easily purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies via payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Maestro, and bank wires. Some cryptocurrency exchanges accept e-money payment options as well.

After your transfer is complete, the exchange will proceed to send the coin to your wallet. From this moment, you can simply send the desired amount of LTC to your favourite live casino. Transfers are instantaneous, yet the funds can be used after a few minutes due to the blockchain network architecture.

This is only a brief overview of purchasing cryptocurrency. Optimal cryptocurrency usage requires that users go through a learning curve, in order to better understand how the blockchain market works.

In a subsequent section of this article, we offer a series of tips that can be applied to ensure that you choose the best litecoin live casino for your current needs.

What are the pros and cons of playing on LTC live casinos?

Litecoin payments are incredibly quick, but also cheap. Fees are usually of a few cents per transfer, whereas transactions are generally completed within a few minutes. This timeframe is considerably quicker when compared to Bitcoin, where miner confirmations arrive after about one hour.

Owning Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies also entails that you will be affected by market volatility. LTC’s value changes every day, but historically, the coin has remained fairly stable. Of course, early adopters have benefited tremendously, given the fact that for years LTC was only worth $3, whereas today, its price exceeds $40. With this in mind, price volatility represents both a pro and a con.

Another potential con is that there are fewer casinos accepting Litecoin when compared to Bitcoin. Luckily, most LTC-based casinos have worked hard to make sure that players access a superior gambling interface that’s bound to fulfill all of their needs. This is especially the case with live casinos.

The most popular live game providers for Litecoin casinos

Most Litecoin live game providers hire their own dealers, but the gaming interface is provided by a number of software developers. Game providers vary based on your casino of choice, but some of the most popular ones are Asia Gaming, Evolution Gaming, BetGames, Ezugi, and Netent.

How to choose the best Litecoin live casino?

Choosing the right LTC live casino may seem a tad difficult at first, since the market offers multiple viable choices. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, we believe that the tips highlighted below can help guide you towards a smarter decision.

  1. Pick a licensed casino

Legally, all casinos have to be registered with a regulatory entity or at least make an effort to respect the laws of a specific jurisdiction. Licensed casinos are significantly less likely to be interested in tricking people, as no platform can recover from losing their license.

  1. Welcome bonuses

First deposit bonuses represent a great method of attracting new users while giving them the chance to try out the casino without having to deposit excessive amounts of coin. Most LTC live casinos offer a percentage-based welcome bonus that scales depending on the amount that you deposit. We also believe that it is important to choose a casino that features on-going bonuses and promotions since these actively facilitate a more entertaining gambling experience.

  1. Game assortment

Live casinos usually provide multiple games, like baccarat, poker, blackjack, and roulette. Those which offer multiple game support are generally more popular due to their all-inclusive experience. However, live casinos do not offer live games exclusively. Some may provide traditional software-based game categories, such as slots or video poker/blackjack/baccarat. This is a matter of personal preference, but if you enjoy multiple games, it may be best to choose a casino that supports all of them.

  1. Payment policy

Good gambling sites facilitate quick and easy deposits and withdrawals. Since we’re talking about Litecoin, transfers should usually be processed within a few minutes as long as the network isn’t jammed. Anything more than this timeframe may indicate a series of inherent issues with the casino.

  1. Customer support

The market’s best Litecoin casinos do their best to make sure that players can access an undisturbed gambling experience. However, many users still end up having questions, and occasionally, some even face issues. This is why it’s extremely important for online casinos to invest heavily into a 24/7 customer support that’s willing to provide quick and conclusive responses. We also appreciate casinos that integrate a live chat functionality for improved customer support.


With these aspects in mind, litecoin-based live casinos are definitely capable of providing an unparalleled gambling experience. Since payment policies are no longer an issue, users can easily withdraw and deposit their desired amount of coin. Crypto casinos are also known for offering a superior experience when compared to traditional fiat-bases gambling platforms.

Litecoin live casino FAQ

Why should I gamble with Litecoin rather than Bitcoin?

Litecoin offers quicker deposits and withdrawals, while its value is slightly more stable when compared to Bitcoin. However, gambling via either of these coins is much better than making traditional deposits via debit cards or bank transfers.

Are LTC live casinos entertaining?

They sure are! In general, live casinos are able to offer an authentic experience alongside a sense of trustworthiness. After all, it’s actual dealers who deal cards and spin the wheel, not a software program.

Can live casino dealers see me?

No. Most live casinos do not offer functionality that allows dealers to see players. With this in mind, croupiers only see players’ names, their wagers, and live chat messages.

How much can I earn on an LTC live casino?

The sky’s the limit. Your earning potential depends directly on the amount that you wager, how much you play, your strategies, and of course, your natural luck. With this in mind, players can indeed get rich by making a number of smart gambles.

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