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Baccarat represents a highly-popular card comparison game that’s actively being played in both online and offline casinos worldwide. From a historical standpoint, it is believed that baccarat originated either in the 19th or 15th century. Regardless, its popularity sprouted in Havana during the 1940s.

Nowadays, baccarat is part of the game catalog of numerous online casinos. Litecoin-based gambling platforms have also integrated the game within their offering, therefore encouraging a further popularity growth. Luckily, live versions of the game are also playable on the internet, thereby providing a highly-authentic and provably fair user experience.

This article is meant to provide a brief outline of everything there is to know about litecoin-based live baccarat gameplay.

Live dealer baccarat games explained

To kick things off, online gamblers can choose to play either live or non-live baccarat. The live game entails that you’ll be interacting with a live dealer that works for the casino. These dealers use cameras to create a live stream of themselves while shuffling, betting, and dealing cards.

Software integrations are then used on the user side, to facilitate a highly-pleasant gameplay experience. Do keep in mind the fact that your identity remains protected – dealers are unable to see players. Many casinos feature different dealers for different iterations of baccarat. Additionally, some online gambling platforms may also feature live gameplay support for multiple languages.

Non-live baccarat is a digital game that’s played against a computer randomizer. While these games are also fun, live titles create an authentic experience that’s virtually indistinguishable from what an offline casino has to offer. Similarly, live games are also provably fair as players can see the cards as they’re being dealt and shuffled.

Baccarat rules and strategies

Baccarat rules vary according to which game iteration is being played. Thus, we’ll provide a brief overview of the main baccarat rules and strategies.

With this in mind, baccarat is a card comparison game. This means that players and the dealer are dealt two cards, with the purpose of obtaining a total face value of 8 or 9 or as close as possible to 9. After the cards are dealt face-down, players will bet on either their cards, or the dealer’s cards. The rules specify the value of each card, and what happens in case the total exceeds 10. Additional card drawing can occur, based on the baccarat iteration being played.

Baccarat is considered a fairly-simple game once you become familiar with the rules and point combinations. Strategies can be employed to further increase winning chances. Some of the most popular strategies include one-sided baccarat, betting on the banker, smart bankroll management, trend switching during gameplay, or breaking the doubles. Advanced strategies should only be employed by customers who have a good understanding of baccarat rules and odds.

Available game types

Most litecoin live baccarat casinos will feature multiple game iterations. The most popular ones are Punto Banco, Baccarat Banque, Macao, and Chemin de fer.

How can you start playing live dealer baccarat using litecoin?

Litecoin-based gameplay is fairly-easy, but it does require you to have an understanding of cryptocurrencies in order to purchase, deposit, and withdraw litecoin.

To purchase litecoin, simply choose a digital currency exchange that offers an acceptable exchange rate. Create an account and complete the KYC/AML procedure. Choose an appropriate payment method, and deposit money onto the exchange. Most platforms accept bank transfers, Visa, and MasterCard. Some may even take PayPal, Skrill or PaySafe cards. For multiple payment method support, consider choosing a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency marketplace.

Once you’ve purchased litecoin, the coins should appear inside your exchange wallet in a couple of minutes. After the transaction is confirmed, simply head to your wallet, click on send, choose the amount, and enter the casino’s deposit address. This address is unique to each casino account and is displayed upon clicking on the deposit tab. The blockchain network will then process the transaction and the casino will grant you the coins. From this moment onwards, you can easily wager litecoin when playing live baccarat.

What are the pros and cons of playing with litecoin?

There are numerous advantages associated with litecoin-based casino gameplay.

First off, litecoin is a cryptocurrency that operates on the blockchain network. By using LTC, you get to access a superior, decentralized, safe, and semi-anonymous payment system that may soon replace fiat currencies and traditional money transfer methods.

Secondly, litecoin payments are instantaneous and available at extremely low costs. This applies to both deposits and withdrawals.

Thirdly, LTC value is volatile – therefore, depending on the market price swings, your coin’s value may grow. This is also a gamble of sorts, but historical price analysis has shown that cryptocurrencies follow a clear uptrend.

The main litecoin-related con consists of its learning curve. Using the cryptocurrency is in no way difficult, but the process is slightly different when compared to the card or bank-based payments. Secondly, price volatility may also be negative, therefore affecting the value of your coins.

The most popular live baccarat game providers for litecoin casinos

Litecoin casinos collaborate with multiple casino software developers. When playing live dealer baccarat, you’re likely accessing a gameplay platform created by Evolution Live, BetGames, Netent, Asia Gaming, or Ezugi.

How to choose the best litecoin live platform?

It’s best if users keep the following tips in mind when choosing an appropriate LTC live baccarat casino:

Pick a licensed platform

There aren’t many unlicensed platforms, but the ones that exist are usually not trustworthy and should be avoided. Worldwide gambling authorities impose regulations that help ensure player safety and care-free gameplay.

Check out the casino’s payment policy

Litecoin casinos should allow free deposits and withdrawals that lack unnecessary minimum or maximum limits. If a casino requires a minimum deposit of $100 for instance, you’re better off looking for another option. The same principle applies to platforms that impose low maximum withdrawal limits – such services do NOT want you to win.

Cash in the live game welcome bonus

Most of the market’s baccarat litecoin casinos welcome new players with a bonus. This offer may range from $20, up to a few hundred. Usually, highly-generous welcome bonuses entail strict minimum deposits and wagering requirements. We also appreciate casinos that run constant promotions, tournaments, and mini-games.

Customer service matters

The very best litecoin live platforms will be well-built, but customers will still have questions or encounter minor issues. There’s no way to avoid this. Thus, it’s best to choose a casino that has a quick, professional, and easily-contactable customer service team.

Litecoin live baccarat FAQ

What’s the difference between live and non-live casinos?

In the case of live casinos, real dealers live stream themselves as they deal, shuffle, or make bets. This creates a very entertaining, fair, and authentic gameplay experience. Live games include baccarat, blackjack, poker, roulette, and a few others. Non-live casinos provide games that run on software only – these games are still fun, but they’re vastly different from an experience point of view.

Do litecoin-based casinos support other cryptocurrencies?

Yes, but this depends solely on the casino. Some platforms may have support for tens of different cryptocurrencies, including BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, EOS, XRP, and even ERC-20 tokens. Others may only stick to one coin exclusively.

Should I trust LTC casinos?

Yes – licensed live dealer baccarat casinos strive to provide users with a safe, secure, and entertaining gameplay experience. Fairness is guaranteed as you see the dealer handle cards, whereas fund security is assured through the integration of multiple security protocols. It’s imperative that users keep an eye on their internet security practices when handling cryptocurrencies. Set up a strong password, do not fall for scam or phishing attempts, and never wager more than you can afford to lose.

Are litecoin-based live casinos profitable?

Profitability depends on your game strategy and luck. Indeed, you can technically make tens of thousands every month by playing live dealer baccarat using litecoin. However, not everyone manages to obtain such gains.

How do I find the best live platform supporting litecoin deposits?

No casino can be deemed as the best, granted that players have their own varying preferences. It’s usually recommended that you pick a licensed platform with fair payment policy, multi-game support, good customer service, and a generous welcome bonus.

How can you interact with live dealers?

Some casinos offer live chat functionality, which can be used to talk to other players and the live dealers. However, do not expect intensive player-dealer interactions, as the dealers are there to do their jobs. Players, on the other hand, tend to be very communicative; this is especially the case with cryptocurrency-based casinos.

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