Over the last couple of years, the online gambling market has evolved exponentially, thus leading to the appearance of more immersive games, smarter bonus architecture, worldwide support, and the ability to deposit and withdraw money using a variety of smart payment methods.

With this in mind, cryptocurrency casinos have now become the norm, given the fact that businesses throughout the world are actively working on digital currency integration.

What is a Litecoin casino?

Without further ado, this article will provide readers with an in-depth look into the market of Litecoin casinos. These are online gambling platforms that accept deposits and withdrawals via LTC.

Most of the crypto-supporting gambling platforms allow bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals. However, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts prefer to preserve their BTC due to its much higher long-term growth potential. As such, casinos that support alternative digital currencies have also appeared. At this point in time, the altcoin market is worth a total capitalization of $89 billion, thus it makes perfect sense that there are casinos specifically-tailored to many of these altcoins.

Based on this, Litecoin casinos represent a popular choice, due to the large popularity of this cryptocurrency. At press time, Litecoin ranks 7th in terms of its total capitalization, estimated at $2.74B.

Advantages of Litecoin gambling

To facilitate a good understanding of the benefits associated with Litecoin-based gambling, it is important to take a brief look at the cryptocurrency and its technical infrastructure. With this in mind, LTC is defined as blockchain-based, open-source, decentralized, and P2P digital currency that facilitates nearly-instantaneous monetary transfers at negligible fees. It is quite similar to many of the other cryptocurrencies available on the market, yet its popularity stems from being one of the first altcoins to achieve success.

From a technical standpoint, Litecoin utilizes efficient cryptography to ensure increased fund security, great storage efficiency, and considerably faster transaction confirmation times. Thus, many tend to describe LTC as a highly-liquid coin that can be leveraged for quick transfers, of any value.

As such, from a gambling standpoint, LTC offers users a similar experience when compared to using other cryptocurrencies. However, given its relatively low price, purchasing and wagering via LTC is bound to be somewhat more stable from a financial standpoint when compared to other digital currencies. Similarly, deposits and withdrawals are bound to be quicker when compared to BTC. Thus, players do not need to waste time waiting for network confirmations prior to being able to play.

LTC-based casinos are also known for offering good privacy to their users while supporting most of the world’s countries. This isn’t the case with fiat-based platforms, given the fact that deposits made via standard payment methods (VISA, MasterCard, bank transfers, etc.) do not provide anonymity whatsoever.

A review of the market’s best online casinos has shown that crypto-based platforms are more willing to keep the player as a central point of focus. Similarly, crypto firms tend to be more technologically advanced, through a series of innovative mechanisms that improve player privacy, security, and fund wagering.

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What games are available for LTC gambling?

While the technical infrastructure of a casino is essential in attracting players, a successful platform must offer a wide variety of game categories and titles, suitable for all types of players.

Based on this, LTC casinos generally offer slots, jackpots, live, and table games. As expected, these games are designed by some of the leading software developers, thus ensuring immersive gameplay, significant winning chances, and interactive games. Thus, when playing in a LTC gambling website, players can expect at least a few dozen consecrated game titles.

Live casino games happen to be in high demand at this point in time, due to the fact that they offer the perfect simulation to the real-world casino vibe. As such, professional dealers work with players to help generate a genuine poker, blackjack or baccarat experience.

Bonus variety

At this point in time, most LTC casinos offer a series of bonuses and promotions that are bound to increase players’ winning chances. Welcome bonuses are by far the most popular, and generally, work by granting new players a bonus that’s relative to the amount of LTC that is being deposited. Generally, the 1st deposit grants users a 100% match bonus, up to a specific amount. The 2nd and 3rd deposits are also prone to bonuses, albeit somewhat lower.

Free spins represent yet another popular bonus variety. These may be given to players who wager above a specific threshold, and even to first-time casino users who are making their first deposits. Each website has its own policy when it comes down to welcome bonuses, free spins, and other in-game promotions.

Imagining the perfect Litecoin casino

We must admit that there’s no such thing as a perfect casino that’s able to accommodate all potential player needs, given the fact that all users have their specific preferences. However, the right Litecoin gambling platform must include a large variety of fun games (crafted by experienced software developers), fast deposits & withdrawals (LTC can easily make this happen), quick 24/7 customer support (provided by a well-staffed and experienced service team), fair bonuses (that can reward both new users, but also loyal long-term players), and fully-integrated mobile support (thereby ensuring that players can easily gamble while on-the-go, via more devices).

Litecoin casino FAQ

Can you use other cryptocurrencies in an LTC casino website?

This depends solely on your platform of choice. Most cryptocurrency casinos support a variety of coins for deposits and withdrawals. The most popular choices include, but are not limited to BTC, BCH, LTC, and ETH. However, the market also has a number of popular LTC-only platforms.

Are Litecoin casinos regulated?

Most websites that operate on the Clearnet are regulated and licensed in a specific jurisdiction. This is also the case with most LTC platforms, therefore ensuring that players are provided with some form of guarantee against illegal game tinkering or illicit practices.

Why use Litecoin and not Bitcoin for online gambling?

Litecoin offers quicker transactions. As such, users do not have to spend hours waiting for their deposits/cash-outs to confirm. Instead, they can use this time to play their favorite games. Similarly, LTC is prone to less volatility, and is a better choice for frequent low-sum transactions, as opposed to BTC which is better for wealth storage or long-term investments.

Can users expect fair games and big wins from LTC casinos?

Of course! Most licensed websites offer a fair gambling experience – failure to do so would drastically reduce the chances of business survival. Similarly, most LTC casinos comply with national regulations that imply holding a valid license.

Is Litecoin gambling safe?

Yes, most LTC casinos offer a safe gambling experience. Of course, users must still practice common sense when testing out different platforms, while taking care of their own security (using a unique password, not sharing it with anyone, or not wagering more than they can afford to lose).

Do LTC casinos offer a different experience compared to BTC?

The gambling experience per se is fairly similar. However, LTC-exclusive casinos tend to facilitate lower wait times, while providing a series of unique games.