How to play Pai Gow Poker online and win

  • Updated July 12, 2023 8:27 AM

Pai Gow Poker (pronounced pi gow) is a hybrid of the traditional Chinese game of Pai Gow and the American game of poker. Sam Torosian created the game in the 1980s in the United States. This Poker is a relatively slow-paced game with a standard deck of 52 cards plus a joker (53 cards). The joker is not a wild card and may only be played as an Ace or to complete a Straight or Flush.

Pai Gow Poker is one of the most entertaining casino games, but it may initially be a little challenging to understand. It’s a popular casino game that’s both thrilling and exciting. You’ll be gaming Pai Gow Poker in no time if you have a basic grasp of the 5-card hands associated with standard poker and a few simple rules.

Pai Gow poker is a popular game at many online casinos. However, the best place to play the game is still The players prefer playing at because of its quick pace and diversity of perks. Moreover, it can be just as sociable as other types of poker and is regarded as one of the lowest-risk casino games because of the leisurely speed of play, with many hands ending in a tie or push.

Furthermore, Pai Gow odds vary by venue. However, odds are often among the lowest of any casino table game. If you’re going to play it for the first time, it’s essential to start with the fundamentals. The good news is that the rules of Pai Gow Poker are simple to understand. With a little technique, everybody can quickly learn the best Pai Gow Poker strategy.

You must first grasp the basic rules and hands to play Pai Gow Poker online or at a casino. Here are some answers to your queries regarding playing this game.

Pai Gow Poker Rules

The game is more straightforward to learn than other types of poker since there is no bluffing. Betting occurs immediately before any cards are given. In other words, merely studying the rules will allow you to grasp the optimal strategy for the game.

After the bets are placed, the dealer gives all the players in hand, and the banker seven cards face down. The banker is usually the dealer, although it can also be a player or a player/dealer team in other situations.

After that, each player will rearrange the seven cards into a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The five-card hand must always be of higher poker rank as compared to the two-card hand. The banker also places their hand into a high and low hand according to house regulations, which might vary depending on the location and casino. 

Based on the following possibilities, a player can then win, lose, or push (tie) a hand:

👉 When both of the player’s hands are better than the banker’s hands, the player wins their bet. The payout will be 1:1 of your wager.

👉 When only one of the player’s hands beats one of the banker’s hands, the player pushes (ties) and has their wager reimbursed. 

👉 When a player loses or ties both hands against the banker, the player loses their stake.

How to set hands?


Each player at the table will split their seven cards into two hands: a five-card hand and a two-card hand. The five-card hand should always rank higher than the two-card hand. A hand with more or less cards than the requisite number, or a two-card hand placed higher than the five-card hand will be fouled, and a Supervisor must be contacted. The Supervisor or Pit Manager will decide on a foul hand.

Each player will place his two-card hand face down on the square marked “Second Highest,” which is precisely above and perpendicular to the area marked “High Hand.” Each player’s five-card hand will be put face down in the “High Hand” area. A player may not move their cards once they have established their hand. All cards must be kept above the table and in plain view of the Dealer.


The dealer will reveal the House Hand after all player hands have been set. The house hand will be set following the “House Way.” The House Hand will be arranged in descending order of value from left to right, parallel to the Bankroll Rack. The five-card hand will be put near the rack. The two-card hand will be set above the five-card hand in declining order of value, straight to the rack. Both hands should be parallel to the left edge of the Bankroll Rack.

What are Pai Gow Poker side bets?

Pai Gow Poker’s side bets are particularly those with progressive jackpots, which can often be profitable in the short run, but they should be avoided since they have a bigger house advantage than the main game. The Fortune Pai Gow Poker side bet is perhaps the most common. This side bet considers all seven of the player’s cards, regardless of how they were subsequently arranged.

With this side wager, a natural seven-card straight flush with no need for a wildcard can pay out handsomely, especially if a progressive reward is involved rather than fixed odds. The pay tables differ, but players may frequently win with trips or better, whereas other payment schemes begin with a full house.

Dealer Bonus, Jackpot, Emperor’s Challenge, Progressive, Insurance, Lucky 8’s, and many more are available as side bets. Because these side bets differ from casino to casino, it is wise to ask the dealer, who is typically more than willing to explain how all side bets operate, when sitting down to gamble in a live casino. Similarly, you may learn about the regulations of any side bets that your favourite online casino may have in its Pai Gow offering.

Pai Gow Poker Strategy

In general, you should strive to make the best two-card hand possible. Your remaining cards will almost always produce a better five-card hand.

The five-card hand is called the high hand | rear hand | back hand | big hand

The two-card hand is called the low hand | front hand | small hand

👉 Put the top card in the five-card hand and the two second-highest cards in the two-card hand if you’re dealt a pair or better.

👉 Unless they’re triple aces, play three of a kind on your five-card hand. If they’re triple aces, play the high ace in the two-card hand and the other in the five-card hand.

👉 Split four jacks or better into two pairs if you have four of a kind.

👉 Divide entire houses into three of a kind and a pair. Play the high pair in your front hand if you have a spare pair.

👉 When placing your cards, beginning players should always choose “House Way” until they understand the game’s strategy better.

Last but not least, Pai Gow Poker offers all poker players searching for something unique and intriguing choice. Any poker player can quickly switch to Pai Gow Poker due to its features and ease of understanding. Furthermore, the inclusion of Jack to create winning combos has a good effect on the game, making it engaging for all players.


💥 How does the joker work in Pai Gow Poker?

In Pai Gow, the joker is referred to as a “bug,”. It functions as an ace unless it may be used to finish a straight or a flush.

💥 What is the best hand in Pai Gow Poker?

The best hand in Pai Gow Poker is five aces, which may be obtained with the joker and defeats a royal flush.

💥 Which casino offers the best Pai Gow Poker? is considered the best casino to play pai gow poker due to its bonuses and overall gaming experience. 

💥 What is a joker worth?

It can be used in one of three ways to replace a card: To finish a straight, It can be used to form a flush and serve as an Ace.

💥 What are the odds of winning?

The typical house advantage in Pai Gow Poker is 2.84%. However, there is a technique to reduce that advantage to about 1.42%.

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