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Affiliates are becoming more and more frequent and normal within the marketing industry as there are a number of benefits and advantages for everyone involved in the process. Indeed, more and more online casinos are also offering affiliate programs that website owners are able to sign up to and join, as these can be a great way in acquiring more business at a relatively low cost compared to the traditional forms of marketing that have proven to be expensive at times. is one such casino that provides an affiliate program that can be signed up to in order to help other businesses out. This article will take a look at the affiliate program on offer and what it takes to become one.

What is the affiliate program and why does it matter?

Here at, we look to work hard to help convert any of the traffic that is sent to us on a daily basis for companies that are involved within the Bitcoin casino scene. Our company covers a wide range of markets, as we provide both slot and live casino players with a number of dedicated offers and promotions, such as welcome offers that help to make it easier to promote to the right audiences. We work hard to convert the leads sent by targeting them through a number of different banner advertising networks. Furthermore, we also have the ability to create a number of different articles and content for a business’ website, thus taking a lot of the hard work out of ensuring the website is as rich and evergreen as possible.

In addition to all of the services mentioned above, our team also provides a retention marketing service to ensure that any leads that we may have been able to convert are retained for as long as possible, thus earning those who sign up to the affiliate program some rather potentially lucrative earnings.

Commission Scheme

Of course, there is a commission scheme that is also available to those who sign up for the affiliate program, with participants expected to get their commission at the beginning of each new month. The commission is worked out on a specific formula that follows a revenue share model. This means any money earned will be earned from the following formula: (Bets – Wins – Bonuses – Admin fee) x Deal % = Commission. This can be paid in Bitcoin or as a physical currency in Euros.

How do you get set up with an affiliate scheme?

The first thing that someone needs to do to join us is to sign up for the affiliate program. This is done by simply clicking on the ‘Sign Up’ button that is located near the top of the web page. Once this has been clicked, there is a form that will require the user to fill out a number of different details, such as personal data like email and their contact details as well as company data, whilst they will also be required to share their traffic sources. Once these have been filled in and the terms and conditions have been accepted, users will be able to select the ‘Register’ option. It is incredibly important and highly recommended that the terms and conditions are read in detail prior to signing up, just to ensure everything is in order and you know what to expect from the program.

Is a reputable affiliate program to join?

It could be argued that is one of the best affiliate programs around for those looking to earn money from the best bitcoin casino affiliate programs around, with many of the reviews that appear on our site seemingly backing that up. Many of the reviewers have sung the praises of and our ability to ensure that the partnership created is as lucrative as possible. Furthermore, there are many reviewers that have mentioned that our team is of a professional nature but are extremely friendly and work hard to ensure the relationship between us is the very best it can be. Of course, these things are incredibly important when finding an affiliate program, so the glowing reviews from the various clients that they have will only help to make as appealing and attractive as possible.

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