Dogecoin Gambling Guide

The first board games were believed to have been invented in Ancient Egypt more than 3000 years BC. What was true back then is still true today: People like to play games. Suppose we fast forward to 18th century France. In that case, we come to the era that gave birth to one of the most recognizable table games in history – Roulette.

Roulette is a game of luck and chance played against a casino dealer. It involves a spinning wheel and a white ball, which goes around in circles, before it falls into an empty pocket and triggers a life-changing win or shatters someone’s dreams. This guide will explain how online Roulette is played with Dogecoin, what versions of Roulette exist, and which is the most effective winning strategy.

Thanks to Dogecoin Casinos, holders of DOGE cryptocurrency can now try their luck on Roulette tables. After we explain the advantages of this coin, we suggest you try and play with it at your favorite gambling platform.

There are different types of Roulette. You should keep reading to familiarize yourself with the differences to understand which ones suit you better. It can be tricky to find a suitable gambling website accepting DOGE to play Roulette. That is why we will show you what to look for on your search for the perfect platform.

What Kind of Game is Roulette?

This is a Table Game made up of a wheel, a table, and a small ball. There are two main types of tables, and, therefore, two different versions of Roulette:

  • European
  • American

The European version has 37 slots or pockets on the wheel in which the ball can land – 18 red, 18 black, and 1 green 0 slot.

The American type has 38 pockets. Everything is the same as with the European brand + the addition of a 00 (double zero) slot.

Rules and bet types

Players can make different types of bets in this game. They can bet on any number from 0 (00) to 36. The colors red or black, go for even or odd numbers, different number combinations, etc. Players need to make their bets before a round starts. When the ball stops in one of the colored pockets on the wheel, the winning bets will be paid out. The losing ones are collected by the dealer.

Roulette bets are divided into 2 main types:  

  1. Inside bets
  2. Outside bets

Inside bets pay much greater value for their money, while Outside bets are considered safer, but offer smaller rewards.

  1. Inside bets

The odds for Inside bets vary from 5:1 to 35:1.

The highest payout is for guessing the correct number the ball will land on (35:1). This is called a Single bet. 5:1 odd is offered for a Six Line bet, also known as a Double Street. That is when you bet on two adjacent rows made up of 6 numbers (3 per row).

Street is similar to a Six Line bet, but you are betting on just one row of numbers, not two. A Split is a wager on any two neighboring numbers. Make a 4 numbers square anywhere on the table, and you have just placed money on a Corner or a Square. There is also the Trio, which is a bet made up of 2 numbers + the 0. Finally, we present the First Four – a bet on the numbers 0, 1, 2, and 3.

  1. Outside bets

The odds for Outside bets are from 1:1 to 2:1.

A Dozen bet is when you bet on the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd set of 12 numbers. A Column is a bet on any of the 12 numbers in one of the horizontal rows on the table. Both of these wager styles pay 2:1.

1:1 payouts are available for Even/Odd, Red/Black, and High/Low numbers. The first two pairs are self-explanatory. High numbers are 19 – 36, and low numbers are 1 – 18.

Additional rules for European Roulette

There are 2 more rules the players should be familiar with before making their first bets on a round of European Roulette:

  • En Prison
  • La Partage

– En Prison – If the ball drops into the 0 pocket, the player can accept having lost half of his bet and get the other half back. The other option is to play an all or nothing game. The wagered amount remains “En Prison” for the next round. If the ball lands on 0 again, you will lose your bet. If it lands in a slot that matches your original bet, you will get your entire wager back.

– La Partage – The player losses half his bet when the ball lands in the 0 slots.

The Martingale Strategy

We will now describe one of the simplest strategies that you can apply in this Table Game when you play online. It is called The Martingale Strategy, and it goes like this:

– You make a $1 bet on the color red or black. Your starting bet can also be $2, $5, $10, etc.

If your bet wins, you make the same bet on the opposite color.

If you lose, you double your initial stake until your color comes up. $1, $2, $4, $8, $16, $32…

When you win, your profit will always be in the amount of your initial bet.

What to do Before Starting to Play Roulette with DOGE

Unless you already own Dogecoin, the first thing you should do is register on a cryptocurrency exchange and create a buy order for DOGE. The trading platform you use should be a secure and trustworthy platform with plenty of liquidity.

This particular coin can’t be purchased with traditional fiat. If you already own some Bitcoin, Ether, or USDT, you can exchange those currencies for some DOGE. Those are the 3 most widespread trading pairs on the market. Binance, Poloniex, and Bittrex are some of the highly-rated cryptocurrency exchange options.

Your newly purchased coins should be stored in a corresponding Dogecoin wallet. Yes, you can leave them on the exchange, but remember the oldest saying in crypto: Not your keys, not your coins.

There are plenty of wallets to pick from. The safest place to store DOGE is in Ledger and Trezor hardware wallets. If you don’t possess a hardware wallet, you can use the Light or Full desktop client, which is recommended on the coin’s official website.

Multicurrency wallets such as Coinomi or Atomic Wallet are also an option. The same brands have both software and mobile wallets available.

Once you have your finances all sorted out, it is time to find a Dogecoin Casino where you can play Roulette. is an excellent option hosting over 30 different Roulette tables.  

Pros and Cons of Dogecoin Roulette

Like any currency, and particularly a digital asset, Dogecoin has both good and bad qualities that players should take note of.

We will first focus on the pros:

Dogecoin is a fork of Litecoin, which was a fork of Bitcoin. It has a stable and secure network based on the codebase of both Bitcoin and Litecoin. Compared to these two, DOGE doesn’t have a limited supply. It can be mined in large amounts to keep the price stable.

It is a privacy-centered coin that requires only an alphanumerical address to send and receive. It is fast and gets confirmed on the blockchain in 1 minute. It is also one of the cheapest coins to transfer in terms of transaction fees. Roulette players can use DOGE anywhere in the world because it isn’t restricted and doesn’t adhere to traditional finance limitations. Keep in mind, that every casino has its own T&C, which may restrict some countries from registration and gambling.


Dogecoin’s unlimited supply is also a flaw. The players can’t expect significant gains in the future, as is the case with coins limited in supply. Another drawback is that it is unfortunately not widely used on Online Casinos as much as Bitcoin, for example.

Types of Dogecoin Roulette Games

Casinos support and host various versions of the game, and we are going to discuss the most popular types. has 32 different Roulette tables, which include Live Dealer Games, 3D Table Games, High-Limit VIP Games, and Native Language Tables.

– Instant: is a game that involves 12 roulette wheels that spin one after the other. There are no time limits to betting in this version. As soon as the player makes a bet, his bet will be recorded on the next wheel, which is about to stop.

Lightning: offers multiplied wins with every spin of the ball. In each round, 5 numbers will be randomly selected to offer multipliers from 50x to 500x.

Immersive: is a version of the live game that features HD camera shots from multiple angles. It is like watching a movie. A slow-motion replay is shown of the ball landing in a pocket.

Speed: is 50% times faster compared to the traditional table game. That means more betting and swifter payouts.

Auto: is a type of automated live game with no dealer who spins the ball. The wheel was designed to be operational without the need for a human.

Double Ball: is a version developed by Evolution Gaming. Two balls are spun in the same wheel that land on two winning numbers. New wager types are possible with rewards up to 1300 to 1.

What features should the best Dogecoin roulette casino have?

There are several thousands of Online Casinos in the world, and probably many more that are unlicensed and still unknown. To avoid getting lost among the endless competition, we have listed some of the most important features that a quality DOGE Casino should have.

  • Big collection of Roulette games. Having plenty of gaming options to choose from is the #1 quality of any casino. Adding some mixture to the wheel-spinning action is a great way to stay motivated. A grand casino should offer games from multiple gaming providers that are compatible with desktop and mobile gaming.
  • Instant and free deposits and withdrawals. The best casinos take care of their players. That entails to not force them to wait for several hours to gain access to their DOGE. Instant and free of charge transactions are highly appreciated by the community.
  • State of the art website and customer support. The platform needs to be easy to navigate, bug-free, and secured with the most robust of technologies. All essential information and terms of use need to be easily accessible and understandable. In case the gamblers run into any difficulties, 24/7 customer support should always be on duty to handle client requests.
  • Valuable bonuses and promotions. A great platform gives its players chances to win plenty of bonus money and take advantage of well-paid Table Game and Live Casino bonuses. Many Casinos have separate VIP Clubs that offer special treatment, regular game promotions, and high limit Roulette wagering.


Roulette is a fascinating Table Game with plenty of betting options to choose from. The American version is the most popular type. It is played in Vegas Casinos and gives the house a significant advantage over the players. We suggest you lower the house edge by playing European Roulette with the added En Prison and La Partage insurance options.

Online Roulette has exploded thanks to software developers like Evolution, who have created several entertaining game modes. Dogecoin users can benefit from trying out different styles to keep themselves amused. The suspense surrounding this game is incomparable to anything else. If you are a thrill-seeker, this game could be what you have been looking for all this time.

Dogecoin Casino FAQ

What happens with my bet if the ball lands in the 0 pockets?

Several outcomes are possible, depending on the type of Roulette you play. You lose your wager with standard rules. The “En Prison” and/or “La Partage” rules give you a chance to get back 50% or 100% of your money.

How do I place a bet on the Roulette table?

Just place your chips on the number/numbers you want to bet on, or drop them on the bordering lines between 2, 3, or 4 numbers depending on what combination you prefer to bet on.

Why won’t the game allow me to place a Dogecoin wager on VIP Roulette?

The VIP version is a high-limit game that requires a minimum wagering limit of $25 – $50. Make sure that the value of your chips fulfills the minimum requirements.

How long do I have to wait for my Dogecoin deposit to be confirmed?

The block time for this cryptocurrency is just 1 min. The balance update will depend on how fast the casino processes your deposit.

The last winning numbers on my table were all even, does that increase the odds for the next winning number to be odd?

No, it doesn’t. A roulette wheel has 37 or 38 empty slots. The odds of the ball landing in any place is always the same, no matter what the outcome was in the previous rounds.

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