Dogecoin Gambling Guide

Live Baccarat is a considerably different type of card game than Poker or Blackjack, for example. In the two mentioned games, each player plays for himself, or he competes against a dealer or the banker. When you play Baccarat, you are more of an onlooker than a player.

That is because you aren’t betting on yourself to win a hand. You are betting on one of two positions who have almost identical odds of winning the round. There is also a third betting option, but we will go into more details about this a bit later.

If you have ever played Blackjack, you will remember that you can request additional cards from the dealer, or stand if you are satisfied with what you got. The same options are available in Live dealer baccarat.

However, there are clear rules when players can receive a new card, and when not. The banker is responsible for putting them into practice, and we are going to tell you exactly how he does it. Several versions of the game are available, and we will discuss their similarities and differences as we proceed.

Imagine if there was a way that you could enjoy a game like Baccarat anywhere in the world when it suits you? Welcome to the world of cryptocurrencies and Dogecoin! Thanks to Dogecoin, players can partake in the online casino revolution, and make fast and cheap digital online payments. The best thing of all is that this asset is available for everyone.

There are surprising reasons as to why Dogecoin is a great choice when playing Live Baccarat, not only its speed and cost-efficiency. Game developers have been busy and have presented their own visions of how the game of Baccarat should look and be played. We will be having a closer look at what these competing Baccarat providers have in store for us, and which casino characteristics you should pay attention to when deciding where to play.

How Is the Game of Baccarat Played?

The banker distributes two separate hands of cards: two cards are placed on a player position, and two on the banker position on the table. Before the cards are dealt, you need to place a bet on which of these positions you think will win the round. A third option is to bet on a draw.

How is the winner determined? The position who has a card value of 9, or a sum closer to 9, is the winner. Players who participate in the game only make one choice in essence. Do they bet on the player or banker position? After that, the order of play entirely relies on precise guidelines that players have no influence on.

Each new round starts with 2 cards, and if certain conditions are met, a 3rd card will be handed out. The cards in Baccarat have the following values:

  • 10s, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are all worth 0 each.
  • An ace has a value of 1.
  • The cards 2 – 9 are worth the amount they display.

After the first set of cards are dealt, the values of the two hands are calculated. If either of the two positions acquires a value of 8 or 9, we call that a ‘Natural’. No additional cards will be dealt, and the round’s winner is decided.

If a ‘Natural’ win hasn’t occurred, a 3rd card will be distributed. If the total sum is 10 and above, the card value will be determined by removing the first digit. Whatever number you are left with is your overall sum. For example, 2x 7s equal a card value of 4, etc.

When is a 3rd Card Handed Out?

When it comes to dealing the 3rd card, we have different rules in the game of Live Baccarat for the player and banker position.

Here is an overview of when the 3rd card is introduced to the player:

  • If the first two cards have a total sum of 0 – 5, the player must receive a 3rd
  • If the value of his two cards is 6 – 7, the player stands and takes no new cards.
  • If the total sum is 8 or 9, the player has achieved a ‘Natural’, and no further cards are introduced to the game.

The rules for the banker are somewhat more detailed. Here are the conditions that have to be met if the banker is to receive a 3rd card:

  • If the banker’s total count is 8 – 9, the game is over because of a ‘Natural’.
  • If the player has met the conditions to stand, the banker has to receive a new card if his total is 0 – 5.
  • If the player stands and the banker has a hand value of 6 or 7 as well, he also must stand.
  • If the player has been dealt a 3rd card, the banker must receive one as well if his total count is 0 – 2.

There are several more rules for the dealer, but you as a player don’t have to worry about that. As we said before, you have no influence on the card dealing process, and everything will be taken care of by the dealers.

Baccarat Payouts

In Baccarat, there are 3 possible outcomes of a round: The player wins, the banker wins, or the game ends in a draw.

These are the payouts you can expect to see in the game:

  1. A player win pays 1:1
  2. *A banker win pays 95:1
  3. A tie pays 8:1

* The banker has slightly more favourable odds to win the round. That is why some versions of the game take a 5% commission on all wins on the banker position. This fee is not in effect in No-commission Baccarat.

What Live Dealer Baccarat Variants are Available?

Some online casinos refer to Baccarat as Punto Banco, but that is essentially the same thing. ‘Punto’ means player, and ‘banco’ is the banker. The games differ by the table layout, speed of the rounds, and how the cards are turned over or revealed. This action is known as Squeezing. Some versions require a banker commission, while others don’t.

Let us now take a look at the most common types of Live Baccarat:

Standard or Single Player Baccarat

This is the most common type of game suitable for any number of players. The table contains one position for the player and one for the banker.

Multi-Seat Baccarat

This type can accommodate up to 8 different players at the table. Each seat doesn’t receive their own cards, but you can see what other players bet.

Speed Baccarat

The speedy version introduces faster gameplay. The rounds last between 27 and 30 seconds on average.

Baccarat Squeeze

The process of turning over and showing the face value of a card is called Squeezing. It increases the suspense during live play.

Baccarat Controlled Squeeze

In this version of the game, the squeeze is performed by the player and not the dealer. The card will be shown on your computer screen, and you have to click and pull to turn it around.

No Commission Baccarat

This game variant doesn’t require that players pay a 5% commission on wins on the banker position. The payouts are 1:1 just like when betting on the player.

Before You Start Playing Live Baccarat with Dogecoin

Putting money on the casino table and gambling is the end result, but there are a few things you need to do first.

Buy Some Dogecoin

Luckily for you, Dogecoin is an asset that is easily acquirable over many cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Your first step is to register and buy the coin from a trusted entity. This coin is mostly swapped with Bitcoin, USDT, and Ethereum. But you will also come across exchanges that allow you to purchase cryptos with traditional payment methods, like credit cards or bank transactions.

Store Your Coins in a Dogecoin Wallet

There is no lack of storage possibilities when it comes to Doge. You can hold the coins in mobile, desktop, and hardware wallets. Online storage is also an alternative, but one we would highly suggest that you don’t use. If for some reason this is the only way you can store your coins, use only a highly trusted platform to do so.

Let’s talk about mobile wallets. There is an official Dogecoin Wallet available for Android devices. An alternative for both iOS and Android devices is Doge Freewallet.

The developers of the coin have created official wallets for Windows and Linux users. These are called MultiDoge and Dogecoin Core. MultiDoge is a fast light wallet, while Dogecoin Core is a full client that requires the download of the entire blockchain.

Register and Deposit to a Dogecoin Casino

We will cover what features you need to look for in a Dogecoin Casino later on. Right now, we will mention that there are essentially two types of casinos. There are Doge and crypto-only sites, and traditional fiat casinos who have added crypto assets as additional payment method

Traditional casinos are reliable and have been around for years. These platforms require that you pass KYC verification for complying with their terms of use.

Pros and Cons of Playing Live Baccarat with Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a currency that offers players several visible advantages when it comes to playing Baccarat and gambling. Here are some that are worth mentioning:

  • Speed of transactions – Deposits and withdrawals with Dogecoin are processed within a couple of minutes. A transaction on this currency’s network is confirmed in 1 – 2 minutes. Compared to bank transfers or credit cards which can take anywhere from 2 – 5 business days to be processed, Doge is significantly faster.
  • Low fees – Dogecoin has some of the lowest transaction fees of all crypto assets. A standard transaction requires as little as 1 DOGE for network fees. That is a cost of under $0.01. When you transfer money internationally via banks, the costs amount to a minimum of $10 – 15 per transaction.
  • Network security – Dogecoin wallets provide users with public and private keys. If you keep your private keys safe and offline, there are no fears of losing access, being hacked, or having your funds confiscated by third parties.

You should also take note of the following downsides associated with Dogecoin Live Baccarat.

  • Complicated use – Seeds and private keys might be complicated to understand for users who aren’t technologically advanced. Many people have gotten used to logins, easy to remember passwords and customer support teams that you can always contact in case of issues with transactions. With Dogecoin, all transactions are final and can’t be reversed.
  • Volatility – All cryptocurrencies are volatile. The same applies to Dogecoin. That means that the price can go up, but unfortunately, you can also lose money when the value of the coin loses ground.

The Most Popular Live Baccarat Game Providers for Dogecoin

Baccarat, being one of the most popular card games in the world, naturally has many game providers coming up with their own versions of this table game. Some designers have introduced unique features such as side bets and progressive jackpots.

There are two of the most important brands who have Dogecoin Live dealer baccarat as part of their portfolio:

  1. Evolution Gaming
  2. Ezugi

Evolution Gaming

Evolution is most known for the following three game types: Speed Baccarat, Squeeze, and Controlled Squeeze Baccarat. Dogecoin casinos also host Salon Prive Baccarat and the No Commission variant.


Ezugi has the fastest Single Player version out of all game providers. They have designed an exciting game type that is called Live Streamed Baccarat. Online players have the chance to play together with real players from land-based casinos. They don’t see the actual players, but they can hear them and see what bets they make.

How Do I Select the Best Dogecoin Live Baccarat Casino?

Some players may feel overwhelmed with the share amplitude of offers and available Dogecoin casinos. That is why we decided to point out some of the most important features a well-operated platform should have.

Top-Notch Security

The casino operators must display a strong focus on protecting the identity of its players. They should ensure that proper security measures are being followed to prevent unauthorized access and loss of personal and financial data.

Extensive Bonuses

The biggest fiat casinos offer its new players relatively small bonuses that range around $100 – 200. The bonuses at Doge casinos are much more significant. It is common to see offers several thousands of dollars worth of Doge coins being handed out. Players can enjoy matching deposit bonuses, cashback, Baccarat tournaments with cash prizes, and much more.

Well-trained Customer Support

Every now and then, players can run into problems where they will need an experienced team to guide them forward. Your casino’s support needs to be knowledgeable and act professionally around its clientele. The best casinos have various channels of contacts, but the most commonly used are live chat, email, and phone support.

Fast Deposits and Withdrawals

Transactions to and from a Dogecoin casino need to be quick and easy. Deposits and withdrawals should only take a few minutes to be processed so that players can use their funds as soon as possible. Free withdrawals are a good sign that the casino is profitable, and is not trying to take additional funds out of its players’ pockets.

Dogecoin Live Baccarat FAQ

Are Dogecoin Casinos licensed?

Not all platforms are. Always look for proof of a valid license at the official website of the casino. These licenses are issued by Curacao, UK, Malta, and other operators.

Is a bet on the banker better than one on a player position?

Statistically speaking, yes. A bet on the banker position has a higher RTP percentage and lower house edge. The house edge is only 1.06%. The same wager on a player position has a house edge of 1.24%.

Why is there a commission on banker bets?

Many Baccarat games apply a 5% commission on all banker bets to compensate for the better odds of winning and a lower house edge.

What is the difference between Mini Baccarat and Standard Baccarat?

When you play the live game online, you will not notice any differences. Both games are the same. In the past, all players at a table took part in dealing the cards. This extended the duration of the round. In Mini Baccarat, only the dealer distributes the cards to speed up the gameplay.

What is the minimum Dogecoin withdrawal that can be processed?

Dogecoin has tempting withdrawal limits. Cash payments usually require a minimum withdrawal of at least $10. allows its players to withdraw only 0.01 DOG per transaction.


Live Baccarat is the only card game where the player needs to make only one simple decision. He gets to choose whether to bet on the banker or the player position. Everything else is handled exclusively by the dealers. The game has an impressive RTP rate and a 95% – 99% profit per round.

If you get tired of the standard gameplay, try out the faster Speed Baccarat or Controlled Squeeze where the players get to turn over the cards. Progressive jackpots of 1000 times your stake are also available!

Playing the game with Dogecoin as the primary payment method bears many advantages, mostly in security, privacy, and speed. You can enjoy the game on desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the many game providers who have improved the overall experience. Check the trustworthiness of the casino you intend to gamble on and deposit your money only on licensed Casinos.

The Winz Dogecoin Casino holds a Curacao eGaming license and features 17 of the Best Live Baccarat Games.

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