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Gambling coins have been surging in popularity in recent months, with much of the online gambling community has decided to adopt these coins as they are able to enjoy a plethora of different casino games using these coins. Indeed, there are a number of different gambling coins that have emerged that have also been able to become rather stable in regards to price as they continue to show elements of growth, whilst they also retain strong numbers, as well.

What are the biggest gambling coins?

As highlighted, there is a wealth of different gambling coin options available for punters all around the world to use when they decide to enjoy an online wagering experience, although there are some that have proven to be more popular/successful than others.

For instance, when looking at market capitalization, Decentral Games is considered to be one of the very best, as it ranks around the top with a value of $192,734,127 as of December 2021. Although there have been significant decreases in value recently – the token had a market cap of well over $200 million for a sustained period of time – there is no doubt that it continues to offer a number of benefits. These include the fact that bettors will earn rewards when they play their favorite games with this digital asset, whilst it is easy to use because it is supported by Ethereum and Polygon POS blockchain technology.

FunFair’s $FUN token is another gambling coin that has experienced a continued surge in growth, with a number of new games having been released by the platform in recent months. As of December 2021, the market cap of this particular crypto is $207,405,473; a huge increase on the $132.98 million it was just a month prior.

CasinoCoin is extremely popular due to the fact that it was built specifically with the online casino industry in mind and a number of partnerships have since been formed that has allowed it to flourish, with a market capitalization of $124,267,872 being reported, whilst WINKLink’s $WIN token continues to grow at an astronomical rate. Once known as TRONbet’s $ANTE token, its market cap is now thought to be around $639,588,153, and continues to show growth with each passing month.

Other gambling coins available include the Vanilla Network crypto token ($3,661,164), which is appealing to online bettors as it provides a number of incentives when used for a sustained period of time, whilst Cryptolandy, Global Game Coin and Lemon Bet are also popular alternatives.

Benefits of Gambling coins

Indeed, there are a number of different advantages that can be experienced when using these coins, with many of them benefiting those who use them for online casino gambling purposes, especially as traditional fiat currency is unable to help bettors in the same way.

A benefit that is experienced is in regards to the decentralized nature that the gambling coins have, as this means the digital asset can not be influenced by traditional currencies and will be able to retain any value it may have regardless of what may happen to a currency within a particular country. Furthermore, there is added security with these coins, whilst gamblers will be able to wager with the privacy and safety that they require, as well as a degree of anonymity; which can be incredibly useful if playing in a country that does not permit online wagering.

Is there a future for these coins?

As everybody knows, trying to predict the outcome of what may happen in the future for any form of cryptocurrency can be a rather difficult task to execute successfully, although there are some suggestions that it could go either way for gambling coins.

According to recent data and trends, some coins have managed to show remarkable amounts of growth and strong market performance from almost nowhere and without any market volume or capitalization to speak of. However, this could also be looked at in a negative way, as some would be right to assume there may be some wash trading and market manipulation going on.


Indeed, there are a number of different gambling coins to have emerged in recent years, with each of them providing those who wish to participate in online wagering activities with the opportunity to take advantage of a number of benefits. Whether they will remain strong in the world of cryptocurrency, though, is something that remains to be seen.

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