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Live dealer games are increasingly popular among punters, these are mainly those who would like to experience the socializing aspect of gaming and those who like the fact that they are playing with real people and not computer software. It is not surprising that many players patronize live dealer Baccarat games played with cryptocurrencies.

The introduction of digital currencies in gambling may be the singular most important factor that has boosted the patronage of casinos, especially those that operate online. These virtual currencies engender convenience while promoting the privacy of gamers.

In this post, we shall learn all there is to know about crypto live baccarat and how the game works. The versions that are available for play in cryptocurrency casinos, how you can start playing live dealer baccarat games with crypto, and the benefits of doing so. We shall also look at some of the demerits while showing you how to select the best casinos for this game.

The Baccarat

This is a card game in which the player faces the banker in the quest to get a higher value of cards. The game counts cards based on their value and is distinguished by the fact that the joker is excluded.

Aces have the value 1 while king, queen, and jack are worth 0. Every card bears its face value but the total card value in a round also known as a coup is the last digit. For instance, if the player is dealt with two cards valued 7 and 8, their final card value for the coup is 5. A hand of 6 and 7 scores 3. The consequence is that the highest possible score in a round of baccarat is 9.

How Live Baccarat Games Work

In live dealer baccarat, the croupier interacts with the participants through a high-quality camera. The rules for the live game are the same as that of other baccarat games, although there might be slight variations.

The betting options are the same. The bets can be placed on the player, the banker, or on a tie. The concept is that either the player scores higher (close to 9), the banker scores higher or the banker and player tie on the same score. If you bet correctly on who gets the higher score between the banker and dealer (or if the game ends in a tie) you win.

In a live environment, the dealer and players interact through electronic communications while the players can interact through chats. In some live dealer cryptocurrency baccarat games, the cards are modified to a larger size so that the visual quality is enhanced. There can also be scanners with coded that ensure that each card is read correctly by players.

Versions of Baccarat Available for Play Online

There are traditionally three types of baccarat. These are the American baccarat also known as Punto Banco, which has evolved to be the most popular type of the game mainly because of the betting choices which are more. Furthermore, the move of the players is not as rigid as in the original game of French origin. When you come across a baccarat that the dealer deals from a shoe that has 6 to 8 decks of cards, that’s a Punto banco.

The game commences when the dealer deals two cards with one of the cards facing up. A player or dealer must score 8 or 9 for a coup to end. Otherwise, a third card is drawn. It is important to understand that the player and dealer in baccarat does not represent either the person placing a bet nor the house.

Chemin de fer is the French version of the game which is still popular in the country.

The earliest version of the baccarat is Baccarat Banque, which unlike Chemin de fer, doesn’t rotate the position of the banker. You may not encounter these earlier versions in live baccarat games unless you reside in Europe, especially France.

Playing With Virtual Currencies

Starting out with cryptocurrencies for your live baccarat need not be daunting. In this section, we shall learn how to do this.

Setting Out with A Wallet

Your digital currency wallet is used in storing the funds you’ll need for the games. There are many types of wallets such as desktop, online, hardware, and paper wallets. For your convenience, it’s best that you use a desktop wallet or an online wallet. Be sure that you understand the cryptocurrency you’re planning to use for your games and get a wallet that can store that currency.

Buy Cryptocurrency from Exchange

The next step is that you buy the cryptocurrency from an exchange. These exchanges mostly would accept payments with your bank card of PayPal. The coins that you bought would be placed in your wallet at the exchange. Since it is not advisable to leave a huge amount in an exchange wallet, you should move the funds to the wallet you control.

Find A Casino for Live Games

It’s not every casino out there that offers live dealer games for baccarat. So you should find one before playing. We shall look at the features that make a good cryptocurrency live casino that you can use for baccarat.

Deposit Your Virtual Currency

The funds you deposit in a live game casino account is what you’ll use for your games. Although you make the deposit in cryptocurrency, the casino would convert it to fiat on its platform.

You can now start playing live crypto baccarat.

The Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Baccarat Played With Crypto


Privacy of Player

Cryptocurrencies are mostly pseudonymous. The owners cannot be identified through casual observation of their wallets since it is not ordinarily connected to personal data. Users have better privacy than if they were using fiat.

Large Bonuses

Cryptocurrency games come with huge bonuses such as free spins and cashbacks. You’d have more chances to play your favorite games and maybe win some. Although there are terms attached to this, it is still worth using free money to play.

Low Transaction Fees

Cryptocurrency transaction fees are quite low compared with other payment processing options.

Breaks Geographic Barriers

The decentralized system used in virtual currencies makes it possible for all to use them, irrespective of their location on earth.


Risk of Hacking

Since these assets are based on computers, it is common for hackers to access and steal them from people who have not secured their wallets well or even exposed them unnecessarily. Exchanges that bear large funds are especially targeted.

Volatility of Price

Dealing with cryptocurrencies has a definite risk because their prices are not stable. They can raise or fall by 50% in 48 hours.

Most popular Live Baccarat Games Providers for Crypto

There are many game developing companies that support the use of cryptocurrencies. However, when it comes to live games, there are fewer third-party makers of these games. Some of the more popular providers of live dealer cryptocurrency baccarat games are Evolution, MicroGaming, Ezugi, Playtech, and NetEnt.

Choosing the Best Cryptocurrency Live Baccarat Casino

In choosing the best casinos for crypto live dealer baccarat, the basic considerations should be:

  • Ease of deposits and withdrawals
  • Reliable customer support
  • Welcome bonuses for live games
  • Regular promotions for Baccarat players

Cryptocurrency Live Baccarat FAQ

What is progressive baccarat?

This is an option that gives the bettor an opportunity for a buy-in for a progressive jackpot through baccarat. The casino could have other prizes associated with this option.

What is mini baccarat?

This is more or less the baccarat that has been simplified in the presentation. Unlike the standard baccarat, the mini has a single area of the table instead of 7 bet boxes. It is basically a single play setup.

What is the best strategy for playing baccarat?

Even though this is a three-way game, there is a strategy that is most likely going to favor the punter. You may have heard the saying “bet on the banker”. This is no joke because the house edge is lowest with the banker. As a rule, never bet on the tie, since the house edge is highest on this bet.

Are live dealer baccarat games fair?

This would depend on where you’re playing it. Some casinos have an in-house game streaming service. This is not a bad idea if the casino is reputable. However, since you have no way of proving which live dealer is reputable, it is best to play with casinos that are serviced by reputable third-party vendors for live cryptocurrency games. We have already listed some of them as Ezugi, Evolution, and others.

What is the streaming quality for live cryptocurrency baccarat?

Like in all live games, the streaming quality for baccarat games is very high. However, a lot is going to depend on the quality of service of your provider.


Baccarat is one of the simplest games that gives punters the best chance of winning. Live dealer cryptocurrency baccarat gives you the thrill of playing while interacting.

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