Bitcoin Gambling Guide

So far, research into the online gambling market has shown that live casinos are preferred by numerous players throughout the world, thanks to their sense of authenticity, increased entertainment, and larger profit potential.

This knowledge page is meant to act as an exhaustive guide for gambling enthusiasts who are interested in wagering bitcoin on live casinos. As such, readers will be able to learn more about live dealer games, how to purchase and deposit bitcoin, the advantages and disadvantages of bitcoin-based gambling, alongside information on how to choose a good bitcoin live casino.

Live games explained

Live casino platforms employ real dealers that run games, thereby providing an experience that’s extremely close to what a player would face in an offline casino. Live gambling platforms are generally associated with a higher degree of trust since it is not a software that determines the outcome of games. Professional dealers are able to create an authentic experience that’s enjoyable for everyone at the table.

Most of the times, live games entail a combination of tech, software, and real-life dealers. Dealers usually give out cards, control the game, talk to players, and determine who the winner is, whereas the tech and software platforms seamlessly integrate the offline with the online.

What type of games do live casinos offer?

Live casinos supply players with numerous game types and formats. The most popular offerings include multiple variations of poker, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. Furthermore, many casinos also offer non-live games, such as slots.

How can you start playing live dealer games with Bitcoin?

Some people tend to stray away from bitcoin casinos due to the technical nature of the cryptocurrency. There is a common misconception according to which only computer nerds can easily use BTC to send and receive payments. It’s about time we bust this myth.

Playing on a live casino with bitcoin entails two steps: buying BTC and finding a casino. We’ll deal with choosing the right website in another section, whereas this one will focus on purchasing and depositing the coin.

Firstly, aspiring BTC owners will need to find a cryptocurrency exchange. Worry not, as the market is filled with multiple choices. Most well-reputed exchanges strive to make purchasing and selling cryptocurrency as easy as possible. Once you’ve found an appropriate exchange, simply create an account and fill in all of the required details – this may also entail submitting to a KYC check, depending on the amount that you’re buying.

After your account is activated, just select the amount of bitcoin that you would like to purchase and choose one of the fiat-based payment methods – these are usually debit or credit cards, alongside bank-based transfers.

A few moments later, the coin will appear in your exchange wallet. From this moment onwards, you can simply click on ‘send’, in order to transmit part of the funds to a casino’s deposit address.

What are the pros and cons of playing on live casinos with Bitcoin?

Bitcoin-based casino gameplay is generally filled with advantages – however, depending on users’ perspective, some cons may exist as well.

Firstly, bitcoin is at the forefront of a global financial revolution. Usage of the coin encourages the shift from a centralized financial market controlled by governments and central banks, towards a liberal and decentralized market where money is not freely printed and belongs directly to its owners.

Secondly, once you get the hang of it, bitcoin is easy to use. Transactions are quick and cheap, whereas middlemen are cut out of the equation.

Thirdly, bitcoin’s value is subject to the laws of supply and demand. As the price gains or drops value, users’ holdings are affected. Noticeable price differences are generally present for users who own above $500-$1,000 in the cryptocurrency. So far, tens of thousands of bitcoin users woke up to massive monetary gains due to some of the past bull runs.

Price drops are certainly a disadvantage, yet they are quite rare, whereas abrupt drops happen once every few years. Consequently, this shouldn’t sway you away from trying out the cryptocurrency – after all, it’s been a decade and bitcoin is still around.

The most popular live game providers for Bitcoin

Bitcoin live casinos employ software solutions developed by some of the market’s best providers. These include, but are not limited to Evolution Gaming, Netent, Ezugi, BetGames.Tv, Asia Gaming, and more.

How to choose the best Bitcoin live casino?

Here are some of the main factors worth keeping in mind when choosing an appropriate BTC live casino:

  • Licensed and well-reputed: trustworthy casinos are licensed by at least one regulatory entity, and generally strive to avoid scandals of any type;
  • Easy deposits and withdrawals: we’re speaking of bitcoin here, thus the casino should do its best to ensure that deposits and withdrawals are confirmed in due time and that no unnecessary limits are imposed;
  • Good game and dealer selections: perhaps you’re a roulette fan, but also dabble in poker and blackjack. If this is the case, it’s best to choose a BTC live dealer casino that features all three games. Since live casinos employ actual dealers, it’s best to choose a platform whose dealers you find professional and entertaining.
  • Well-designed user interface: great bitcoin live casinos employ a pleasant design language that allows for easy navigation through the site’s features. Sleek, uncluttered, and responsive interfaces are well-appreciated amongst casino enthusiasts worldwide;
  • Generous welcome bonus: first deposit bonuses are now the norm on the online gambling market. As such, only choose a casino that’s willing to grant new users a bonus. Regular on-going promotions for existing users represent another plus;
  • Professional customer support: despite a casino’s best efforts, players still encounter various issues every once in a while. Prompt and proficient customer service responses are a must.

Bottom line

All in all, bitcoin-based live dealer casinos are certainly more enjoyable when compared to standard gambling platforms that only accept traditional fiat payments, since users receive multiple advantages, such as cheap & quick transactions and positive price volatility, alongside a better user experience overall.

Bitcoin live casino FAQ

Are BTC casinos safe?

Reputable bitcoin casinos usually do their best to make sure that users feel safe and secure. Multiple security protocols are implemented in order to drastically reduce potential cybersecurity incidents. Players that set up a strong password use 2-factor authentication and employ basic internet hygiene tips will most surely never lose their funds or be exposed to security breaches.

Why should I play live games using bitcoin?

First off, cryptocurrency casinos are part of the new wave of internet gambling platforms and are commonly-regarded as superior to their fiat-only counterparts. Secondly, BTC transactions are quick, cheap and semi-anonymous. Furthermore, users can also leverage the cryptocurrency market volatility to increase their monetary gains.

How do I purchase bitcoin for live gambling?

Bitcoin can be bought from one of the numerous cryptocurrency exchanges. Purchases can be made via multiple payment methods, such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, bank transfers, and more. Once owned, the bitcoin can be easily sent to any live casino platform.

How do I pick an appropriate BTC live casino?

Picking a good platform that supports bitcoin payments may seem quite difficult, given the overwhelming number of choices. However, players who guide their decision based on the following factors will surely make an informed and profitable decision.

Good bitcoin live casinos are licensed by a regulatory entity and hold a positive market reputation. They welcome new users with generous first deposit bonuses while providing multiple live dealer games to choose from. If issues arise, professional customer support teams will promptly deal with the issue and answer any user inquiries.

Do BTC live dealer casinos support other cryptocurrencies as well?

This depends strictly on the platform that we are referring to. Indeed, some live casinos support multiple digital currencies, including but not limited to bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, bitcoin cash, dogecoin, etc. Some even take debit/credit cards, bank transfers or PayPal. However, many take bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals exclusively. The array of supported digital currencies only matters if you keep your funds in more than one coin.

How do I stay safe on bitcoin casinos?

Here are some tips: don’t gamble more than you can afford to lose, use complex and different passwords for your online accounts, use 2FA if available, and lastly, do not fall victim to phishing or scam attempts.

What type of live games can I play using bitcoin?

Some of the market’s most popular live games include roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker, lotteries, aces & faces, and more. Most bitcoin-based live casinos will feature at least one of these games.

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