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At this point in time, baccarat is likely one of the world’s most popular casino games, as it’s actively being played at both offline and online casinos worldwide. The card comparison game originated either in the 19th century or in 15th century France, following the Franco-Italian war.

Initially, baccarat was mostly played by high-rollers and was not accessible to the common folk. With time, however, casinos were quick to introduce the game on their catalog due to increasing player demand.

Today, baccarat is seeing yet another wave of popularity, given the appearance of cryptocurrency-based live casinos. Gamblers were quick to find that bitcoin deposits and withdrawals provide several advantages.

This article is meant to serve as an educational resource for readers who are interested in trying out live baccarat at bitcoin casinos.

The gist of baccarat

Baccarat is a relatively-simple card comparison game that’s played between the player and the banker. In every game iteration, two hands will be dealt. Bettors are free to wager on either of these hands. The purpose of the game is to hold a face value that’s as close to 9 as possible. The betting session is usually opened as soon as the cards are dealt face down. Players may choose or be required to stand or draw, depending on which type of baccarat is being played. Lastly, the cards are revealed. Bettors who wagered on the winning hand will receive the money.

Popular baccarat game formats

Baccarat is a worldwide game, so it only makes sense that different iterations have appeared over the years. Most bitcoin live dealer baccarat casinos will feature at least one of the following baccarat formats: Chemin de fer, Punto banco, Macao, and Baccarat Banque.

None of the listed games are superior. Players can simply choose to play the subtype that they favor most.

How can you start playing live baccarat with bitcoin?

To play baccarat using bitcoin with live dealers, you’ll have to purchase the cryptocurrency via one of the many exchanges. To use an exchange, create an account, and deposit traditional currencies via one of the supported means of payment. These include debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers. Some exchanges also accept alternative means of payment, like PayPal, PaySafe, and Skrill.

Now that you’ve deposited fiat, simply place a buy order on the USD/BTC trading pair. The bitcoin will then be credited to your exchange wallet within a few minutes. Deposits are made by copy/pasting the casino’s BTC address onto your wallet, entering the appropriate amount, and clicking on send. Expect to see the bitcoin credited to your casino account within an hour, but remember that processing may take longer. To ensure a quicker transaction, consider paying a higher fee for the transfer – most transfers only require fees of a few cents and up to $1-3 for large transactions.

The pros and cons of playing live baccarat with bitcoin

There are multiple benefits to gambling via this digital currency. Bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. If there’s one coin that will likely last forever, it’s bitcoin. Additionally, bitcoin transactions are quite cheap and fast. Processing times seldomly exceed one hour but may take a few depending on how crowded the blockchain network its. Normally, bitcoin casinos will credit your account after one miner confirmation.

Bitcoin is also well-known for its price swings. Over the long-term, the coin’s price has constantly increased, thus leading to the appearance of overnight millionaires. Early investors have seen their profits reach massive heights. While you may think that the bull run is over, multiple crypto experts suggest that bitcoin’s value will continue increasing over the next few years.

Consequently, negative price volatility is a potential downside of the cryptocurrency. Historically, the coin has recovered from most price drops, so your crypto value should be safe from harm. Another potential disadvantage is the fact that cryptocurrency usage has a learning curve. Users must learn how to use crypto exchanges and bitcoin wallets. Please rest assured, as the process is very simple, and in no way more difficult than making a transfer using debit cards or bank wires.

The best baccarat game developers for Live bitcoin casinos

Live baccarat games on bitcoin casinos are usually designed and crafted by reputable software developers, such as Netent live, Evolution Live, Ezugi, BetGames, and others.

Choosing the best bitcoin live baccarat platform

To kick things off, no casino can rank as the best. What matters is that users choose a platform that they’re happy with. Here are several considerations that may aid you in making the right choice:

When scouring the web for an appropriate casino, make sure to rule out platforms that are ill-reputed alongside those which lack a gambling license. Regulated live casinos will surely focus on creating a positive gambling experience, free of any unwanted risks. This is especially applicable in the case of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

At this moment, most of the market’s best bitcoin-based live dealer baccarat gambling platforms offer a welcome bonus. This bonus may range between a few dollars, all the way up to a hundred or more. While generous first deposit bonuses are well-appreciated, do make sure that you read the terms and conditions. Some casinos offer great bonuses but require users to wager the funds dozens of times in order to allow withdrawal. There’s nothing wrong with wagering requirements, but users should be informed in due time.

Since we’re discussing bitcoin-based live casinos, these platforms should have quick and cheap deposits and withdrawals. Bitcoin transactions cost very little, whereas transactions are usually processed within an hour. Any casino that requires additional deposit/withdrawal taxes or which takes days to process payments is a no-go. It’s also recommended that you check if any minimum/maximum deposit and withdrawal limits apply. The same principle applies for maximum win limits, especially if you’re a high roller.

We also recommend that users take a look at the game selection. Most casinos offer multiple titles, so if you like playing baccarat amongst other games, choose a casino with a larger catalog.

Last but not least, it’s best to pick platforms that offer a customer service team that’s contactable via live chat. Slight issues may appear every once in a while, so it’s best to have a reliable, professional, and quick customer support team at your service.

Bitcoin live baccarat FAQ

How do you get bitcoin for live dealer baccarat casinos?

Bitcoin can be obtained in multiple ways. Most commonly, users purchase it from digital currency exchanges, yet bitcoin can also be bought from specialized ATMs or peer-to-peer marketplaces. Similarly, bitcoin is also given as a reward to miners who compete in solving complex mathematical equations for the purpose of verifying bitcoin transactions.

We recommend that you purchase bitcoin via licensed cryptocurrency exchanges, as this method is both quick and secure. Most crypto exchanges accept Visa, MasterCard, and bank wires.

How much bitcoin can I earn playing baccarat?

The sky’s the limit. Theoretically, you could earn millions of dollars. However, your actual profitability will depend on your luck, strategies, and the amount being wagered. Most successful baccarat players end up earning at least a few thousand bucks every month.

Are live baccarat games entertaining?

Live games leverage the help of real-life dealers who know what it takes to create an entertaining gambling experience. Live casinos are authentic, in the sense that you can interact with other players and the dealer, which isn’t the case with software-exclusive games.

How do I stay safe while playing live dealer baccarat with bitcoin?

Most of the market’s bitcoin casinos employ a variety of security protocols meant to assure user and fund safety. However, customers have to do their part as well. We recommend that users set up a strong password for their crypto wallets and casino accounts. Similarly, it’s best to know how scammers and phishers operate, in order to avoid fund seizure.

How much bitcoin do I need to play?

Many BTC casinos have a minimum deposit requirement of around $20, whereas others have no minimum deposit limit at all. Thus, you certainly don’t need hundreds of dollars’ worth of bitcoin to play live baccarat. Of course, a higher wager will also unlock a larger profit potential.

Do live dealer baccarat casinos support other games as well?

Some casinos have chosen to integrate multiple games within their offering, whereas others stick to one or two games at most. Many bitcoin casinos feature multiple games, including but not limited to baccarat, blackjack, or roulette.

Is live or non-live bitcoin baccarat better?

This depends on user preference since there are advantages to both options. As such, live games provide a casino-like experience while also creating a sense of trustworthiness, as dealers handle cards live on camera. On the other hand, non-live baccarat games are better suited for those who are interested in automatic gambling or enjoy a simpler interface.

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