Did you ever gamble on any casino? I believe that most of us may have gambled in our life at least once and some are to be considered as hobbyist gamblers while others are greedy ones. But the fact is that you have had wagered your money using cash or might have deposited through your banks or cards. 

Today we will be taking over the existence of Bitcoin-based casinos and wagering your BTC while it is pseudonymous (anonymous if you know how to maintain your privacy). The transactions are cheap enough (depends on the mempool) and are processed securely via Blockchain. 

Learn in-depth about online gambling and its advantages while using Bitcoin.

What is Bitcoin Casino?

BTC casinos have taken place when the need for transformation rose for the present offline venues into the whole new online platforms. Bitcoin gambling websites have become extremely popular for its advantages to avoid cumbersome regulations required to set up traditional online casinos, and while you play here, you need not pay hefty fees whenever you want a withdrawal, nor is there any fee over BTC deposits.

BTC casinos are the type of services that are easy-to-use while providing you with the ease to gamble from anywhere worldwide. They offer various ways to their customers to bet their money on, some of them are as follows:

  • Casino games
  • Sports Betting
  • Online lotteries
  • Spread betting
  • Online poker

A growing number of online casinos tend to create confusion among users to find the most trusted websites. So today we are going to learn more about BTC gambling, advantages, and disadvantages it provides for a regular player.

Advantages of BTC Gambling

In the past, it was too hectic a process to deposit funds via Credit cards/Bank transfer which took more than 10-24 hours to get your deposits into your accounts, while a few reputed online casinos also used to charge us on our deposits with a fee that was no less than around 5-10%. Also, it was extremely difficult and expensive to get withdrawals to your bank accounts and on your cards.

Bitcoin has eliminated these issues by bringing advantages over Fiat currency that attracts gambling operators to develop BTC platforms. Due to regulations, every country has different fees on deposits. Generally, these payment gateway fees can range from 5-7% or more and are passed on the customers by casino operators in the form of taxes. 

But there is a range of Bitcoin casinos that don’t charge you anything on deposits while a minimum fee is charged for your withdrawals to cover the transaction fees that are spent to get it confirmed over the network. 

Now you don’t have to wait long hours when you cash out in BTC. Many Bitcoin gambling sites process the payment in minutes automatically. Some choose the Manual methods, and few of these casinos just await your approval through 2FAthat you chose while registering, in order to securely allow you to get your coins to your desired address and stop anyone else from stealing your funds if your account gets compromised. 

And guess what: “you can deposit and withdraw unlimited every day”. You can even get more than double the deposit amounts on signup as bonuses, which allows you to bet more than what you actually take to play.

Generally, manual payments get processed from the Cold Wallet which ensures proper safety of the user’s funds. A casino may ask you for KYC if and when your profile looks suspicious. This is needed for the user to prove that he is the one who is going to get the funds and not somebody else. It gets processed at different times according to the withdrawal policy.

Worried about selling your coins? Thinking how is it possible for you to sell your coins hassle-free? Well, you can sell your Bitcoins within a fraction of a minute in an exchange like Coinbase, Binance, Bitstamp, LocalBitcoins, etc. (The primary advantage is that crypto market runs 24/7 (365 days) without any interruption, so a trader is always available in any part of the world to buy your coins immediately)

Bitcoins have been integrated into many major casinos, online sportsbooks, and online poker rooms to attract new customers through different bonuses, quick deposits, less fees, and lightning-fast withdrawals.

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What Games Are Available for BTC Gambling

It depends on your preference, which type of game you want to play. Gambling sites offer various games like:

Now it’s your preference to signup on the particular casino that provides a set of available games. 

Table games are the most favorites for many gamblers as seen on many websites, while few others also choose slots over Poker and Blackjack. 

Some casinos are dedicated to a single genre or have very few games available – like some of the platforms just have blackjack and its variances only while others focus on slots and dice games.

Bonuses Available for BTC Casino Players

Bitcoin sites run various bonus schemes to attract new customers. There could be a reasonable amount of deposit bonuses available to the new users on few casinos, while newer ones try to lure new customers by giving more than ~5 BTC in bonuses (with around 150-200% extra added to your balance as a bonus) and more than 250 free spins for a specific slot game. 

While on most casinos which are new in the market, users are offered with the 2x welcome deposit bonus with some (T&c’s) attached when they register. It also includes free spins and reloads bonuses and various offers for making larger deposits. The user is then introduced with the wagering requirements that are to be met in order to make their bonus withdrawable.

Bitcoin platforms usually offer larger bonus % compared to the Fiat competitors. And it’s now a trend that even some of the most reputed Fiat casinos also attract new customers by running advertisements to deposit funds via Bitcoin.

Please read the Terms And Conditions before depositing the appropriate gambling website.

What Features Should a Perfect Bitcoin Casino Have?

Some of the most important features of casino circles around how it treats its players and how it attracts them by giving many opportunities to choose from different types of games and bonuses on it. One should always prefer a licensed casino to others, as you could take legal actions if required in the future.

A BTC casino should always have at least main or popular currency like BTC, ETH, LTC as more options are preferable. It should also charge a minimal amount of fee for withdrawal in these digital currencies and the deposits and withdrawals should be as fast and easy as possible.

A fair and perfect Bitcoin gambling website should also have a 24/7 support and chat system that can help any player when there is an issue while playing on the site. The communication ways being easy to access makes the casino look more reliable and trustworthy. 

It should also include a fair bonus on the related amount wagered as this would, in any way, keep the interest and the motivation going on. It also usually makes sure that the casino remains active.

How does the website feels and looks like makes a difference as the layout of it even matters and can make players stay for longer than usual time and enjoy the experience the most. 

Mobile-friendly casinos and its website make it an on the go entertainment to many as mobile phones are in the hands of almost every user nowadays.

Bitcoin Casino FAQ

Is there a limit to how much one can bet? 

Yes, there is a limit to every game according to the casino you choose to bet and varies from one website to another.

How do I transfer my Bitcoins there? 

You will get your own unique deposit address on the casino itself where you can deposit BTC once you register, and start betting.

License and rules to be checked

You should always check if your country is allowed under the casino rules as not following it may lead to bad consequences in the future. Even reading the rules is very important.

Can I gamble on a mobile phone?

Yes, of course. Most of the BTC casinos are mobile friendly and can be operated effectively.

How do I register on the Bitcoin gambling site?

You can access most of the crypto casinos by registering with an email, but there are some websites where you can just register with a merge nickname. Some websites don’t even need registration and let you play over there, but they will generate a unique link for you which you will need to save in order to visit your old session once again from the same PC/mobile you used to play.