2022/23 Champions League Finals Betting Predictions and Analysis

  • Updated July 10, 2023 11:20 AM

That’s right, we now know both 2022/23 Champions League finalists. This year, we’re in for a classic clash between Premier League and Serie A. This time around, it’s Manchester City against Inter Milan, a proper Champions League finals matchup that’s bound to provide a lot of excitement on and off the pitch.

It’s a proper David vs. Goliath story, this one. On one end you have a spectacular Manchester City roster whose bench could easily earn a top 5 finish in Serie A. They are absolutely packed with talents on every single position.

On the other end, we have Inter Milan who’ve steamrolled to the finals but haven’t been looking nearly as dominant in the Serie A. Don’t get me wrong, this is Manchester City’s match to lose. But, a shocking early goal by someone like Dzeko could push the match in a completely different direction.

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So, without further ado, let’s explore both ends of the field and see if there are any good Champions League bets worth investing in!

Key Info on 2022/23 Champions League Finals

  • Date: June 10th, 9:00 PM CEST
  • Location: Ataturk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Capacity: 76,092 seating capacity
  • Type: Best of 1 – 90 minutes + overtime and penalties if the score is level after 120

Champions League Finals Betting Predictions

Now let’s get down and dirty with deep analyses on both Manchester City and Inter Milan:

Manchester City Looking Stronger Than Ever

It’s true – Manchester City is a mighty team these days. They were great all season long, but some of their Premier League mishaps prevented us from seeing the whole picture. Things became much clearer a month or so ago, when City overtook Arsenal on the EPL table… even more so when they trashed Real Madrid in the second semifinal leg.

Now, they’re looking absolutely fuming with confidence and are likely to finally win the elusive big-eared Champions League trophy. Only one match separates them from the title… a match Pep Guardiola has to win, period.

Even though City are the heavy favorites, I reckon we’re still in for an amusing match. Inter might surprise everyone, though I doubt they’ll be too big of a nuisance in the final stages of the game. They might complicate things a bit in the first half, but that’s about it. City is packed with exceptional talents and their recent performances suggest they’ll have no issues with closing this one out!

Haaland is a Beast!

There’s no other way to put this. Erling Haaland has been nothing short of phenomenal this season. The numbers state the obvious – Haaland is a beast and no matter how he fares in the CL finals, he should win the Ballon d’Or in front of Messi and the co. If City wins it, there’s not even going to be a debate. If they lose, then perhaps Messi could steal it… though it’s a long short.

Stats-wise, Haaland has scored 52 points and 8 assists for Manchester City this season. All that in 50 games, which tells you enough about his performances. He’s scoring a goal every 75 minutes across all competitions. That’s a crazy stat right there!

Can Inter Stop Manchester City in the Attacking Third?

Here’s the deal – Inter’s defensive record this season has been all over the place. Their defensive end is aging quickly, their youngsters can keep up with the pace, and it has resulted in a shockingly poor defensive record. More precisely, Inter has conceded 40 goals in 36 Serie A games, which goes to show you their defensive third will be in real trouble next month.

Haaland, Foden, and De Bruyne are going to pick these guys apart real fast. They don’t stand a chance – City’s attacking domination is bound to shape the early stage of the game. I wouldn’t be surprised if City score 2 before the first-half whistle. Yep, you’ve heard it here first!

Inter Milan as Massive Underdogs Coming into the Finals

As mentioned earlier, Inter did qualify for the Champions League finals… but many still don’t know how that happened. After all, Inter (and Milan, for that matter) haven’t been that dominant in Serie A. Need I remind you that Napoli took the Serie A title almost a month ago? They’re currently 20 points ahead of Inter Milan, which goes to show you what a force they’ve been.

That, coupled with the fact that City overturned Arsenal’s title run and have practically won the title means it’s no surprise Inter are coming into the Champions League finals as massive underdogs. Yep, this is 100% Manchester City’s game to lose… and that extra pressure on their shoulders could end up being the decisive factor.

Potential Fatigue Issues at Inter

The fact of the matter is that Inter doesn’t really have a young team. Some of their key players (including Dzeko and Acerbi) are well into their 30s and fatigue could play a key role in how they approach the finals.

On the other hand, there’s a fine number of younger talents, though I’m certain Inzaghi will opt for a mix of youth and experience to tackle such a demanding fixture. In short, while fatigue could be an issue on both ends, it’s certain that Inter will have a tougher task alleviating it. Man City’s squad is so deep they’ve been practically using their EPL matches to rest some of their key figures. That’s bound to give them a big push in the right direction ahead of the Istanbul-bound spectacle!

Is Simone Inzaghi Experienced Enough to Outplay Pep Guardiola?

Here’s another good question… and while I really do think highly of Inzaghi’s qualities, I just don’t think he has the managerial experience and know-how to prevent this one from going in Pep’s favor. If it was any other manager on the other end of the field, I’d say Inzaghi’s chances are solid. But, with Pep hunting the ever-elusive Champions League title, I just don’t think he’ll let anything or anyone get in his way.

Best Champions League Bets

Let’s focus on the hottest 2022/23 Champions League betting odds:

  • Match-Winner
    • Manchester City 1.40
    • Draw 4.75
    • Inter 7.10
  • Both teams to score
    • Yes 1.93
    • No 1.82
  • Handicap
    • Man City (-1.5) 2.05
    • Inter (+1.5) 1.70
  • Total Goals
    • Under 3 1.67
    • Under 2 3.24
    • Over 3 2.08
    • Over 2 1.30
  • Outright CL winner
    • Manchester City 1.18
    • Inter 4.47

Now that we’ve explored the key figures behind both teams and currently available odds, it’s time to wrap everything up with a couple of conclusive picks. In other words, here are the best Champions League live bets for the season finals:

Manchester City to Win

Let’s face it, Manchester City is going to take the trophy this time around. This is their season, I’m sure of it! Even though betting on Inter at 7.1 makes great sense from a value perspective, you have to understand that Pep and the entire organization behind Manchester City will give their 120% to win this one. Yes, win – without overtime.

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At the moment, Manchester City to win is at 1.40. But, that’s likely to change as we inch closer to the kick off. In which direction will it change? That, I’m afraid, we can’t know. Both teams have several matches to play until then, meaning we’re in for a bit of a waiting game.

Haaland to Score

Can Erling Haaland continue his dominant season? The Norwegian wunderkind is on fire. More precisely, he’s still on fire. Many doubted he’ll do well with City, but he’s still proving the haters wrong, scoring at will no matter who’s on the other end.

Even though his Champions League goalscoring record isn’t as brilliant as that of the Premier League, Haaland is a menace in the box. We can count on De Bruyne and Silva targeting him with virtually every cross.

Unfortunately, we don’t have exact odds for Haaland to score. Individual player form and other aspects have to be accounted for, which is why bookmakers typically add these bets just days before the kick-off.

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